Vagrant Story

Ok… here’s the deal, I got a PAL version of VS from Mabat, however, I try it on my modded PSX, it runs it yes, still, the screen contonuously “hops” making it impossible to play -_-

I try it on VGS, opening FMV works great, I go to start a new game, the “Now Loading…” screen shows up and nothing more happens.

Last but not least, I try it on ePSXe, everything runs well, but at a super-fast framerate O_o I try to configure the video options and it tells me I’m missing several dll files -_-

If anyone has these dll files, could you please email them to me ?(no internet access anymore at home so ICQ, mIRC and AIM aren’t available options obviously.

Many thanks to those who can help me out.

Mabat : don’t feel bad, man. It ain’t your fault, I’ll get it working one way or another :wink:

Dragon God, I have a copied disc of the North America version. It’s a spare I made. Maybe if all else fails, I’ll send it on over to you?

According to my game teacher, the problem is that my TV is NTSC and not a PAL one, so he reccomended I rip the image and patch it with a PAL to NTSC converter in order to play it. =/

DG: Ach, I feel bad, despite what you said. >_>

MMZ came one the next day I left for Athens, though. Now, to play it intensively and NOT dying after leveling the saber up…

My modded PSX can play any games without problems, and I’ve never had any TV problems either… albeit my DVD’s are B&W at times…

Sorry to hear about this anyway :frowning: