Vagrant Story: Ashley is a wimp.

I’ve been trying to figure this out and I’ve met nothing but dead ends: For a while now, Ashley is doing little to no damage to the bosses.

I’ve just gotten out of the underground and inside Lea Monde, fought Duane and his two knights and right now I’m going against the Wyrm underground (After getting the Crimson key). I’m using a Hagane Rapier with the Dragonite Gem attached.

Here’s my problem, alternating between all my weapons (Edged, Piercing and Blunt) I couldn’t do more than 10 damage points per strike to Duane (Actually, the strongest hit I got was reflecting his Explosion spell) and right now none of my weapons (Not even the rapier) do more than 8 points to the Wyrm. At Zero Risk the best thing I got was a 0 Damage/78% chance of strike, which means I’m going to do the absolute minimum damage IF LUCKY. This is extremely excruciating, especially when I chain ten Heavy Shots and go as far as 30 damage points. None of my Spells or Break Arts work either.

So, wassup?

You haven’t been specializing your weapons. You should really be keeping 2-3 main weapons around. I had a sword for use with humans and monsters, a spear for use with dragons and phantoms (I think) and a knife for undead and evil (I think). Basically, if you use the same weapon for everything it’ll be good for nothing.

If it makes you feel better, I had the same problem the first time I rented VS and gave up. A few years later I tried again armed with some FAQs (especially ones on item combination) and it was a lot nicer.

I’ve used every weapon I’ve got and still nothing. None of the spears do any more damage to the Wyrm than the rapier does, and most of them have a lower strike chance.

Yeah but you need to…like, make newer weapons out of the ones you receive.

Receive from where? I’ve got two edged spears made of bronze, what am I gonna get with that?

Did you get the Dragonite gem from “The Alchemist’s Laboratory” back in the Sanctum area? That will add +15 to your Dragon stat if you equip it in the hilt of your spear. Try that with a Braveheart gem, then slay a few Lizardmen to bring up your Dragon class for that weapon.

I don’t know how much you know about the game, but let it be known that Gems live up to their name. They can turn a weapon that’s never seen battle into an experienced dragon slayer in a matter of seconds. They’re VERY useful to have, and they are incredibly easy to use and equip.

Wait, so weapons grow depending on how many enemies you kill?

SE, the problem isn’t what you have, it’s what you don’t have. You need to build up your weapons against a particular class of enemy. For example, if you fight a lot of dragons with a weapon, that weapon’s affinity against dragons will increase but its affinity against (I dunno) humans will decrease. So if you use the same weapon for everything, all the bonuses will eventually be offset and return to about normal. That’s why specializing is important.

Also make sure you’ve “repaired” your weapons in workshops. Btw, if you want to see what the result of combining two pieces of equipment will be, just select them and then put the cursor on “OK” (without hitting it) to see the stats of the to-be-completed item.

Ah, so that’s it.

While I’m fighting, some signs appear on top of the Ashley paper doll on the lower left edge. I assume that happens when the weapon/armor becomes stronger against X thing?

Yep. In this case, it will say something like “Dragon + 1” when your weapon gets an extra point against an enemy of the Dragon class.

I miss Daravon ;_;

The first run through VS is always a little frustrating because of that. The final boss is excruciating. However, thanks to new game + , its a lot more fun. Keep building up your weapon(s). Don’t use more than 1-2 weapons. 3 is pushing it. More than that will leave you without specialization. Also, as you go through the game, the workshops are great help to combine weapons and their attributes.

How do your recomend I especialize? Say, I use Weapon A for what kind of enemies and Weapon B for what other enemies?

It all depends. Like, humans can be weak against sharp weapons, but sharp weapons wont work on phantoms. That’s not really true because I’m just using an example. Also, like Cid said, if you use a certain weapon against one type of monsters, that affinity will rise, but another affinity will go down. Go look at SK’s shrine to see, because it’s hard to explain. But you really need to specialize (combine weapons) to make more powerful ones.

edit: oopsy, double posted.

No no, Ashley isnt a wimp. Infact, far from it. He’s quite badass.

The entire game is quite badass, EXCEPT it was all ruined by a retarded Phantom Point system. That single aspect of the game destroys it.

Never in a videogame should you be forced to use a system that, if used poorly, makes your damage of hitting a human in the face with a 2 handed sword “1” or “2”.

Phantom Point = LAME SHIT