Vacation Spots

I plan to travel a lot in my life. Or I will try to, anyway. I have a few places that I would like to visit, in my youth, and that got me to thinking- what other ideal places would I like to spend my time in? This my list so far:

San Antonio
New York 9the city)

^ (solely for shopping) Can anyone list any other American shopping capitals?

Den Haag, Holland

^ (shopping and to see a friend)

Kyoto Japan
Tokyo japan

(for the scenery/shopping- I hear it’s beautiful there)


^(For the relaxation, beautiful sights, etc)


^(I’m in love)

Now, can anyone recommend some interesting cities in the world (and in the countries that I did list) that should be up there? I want to make a list- places to visit before I’m 25 (ugh scary).

San Diego- Beautiful, relaxing, lots of malls(there about 4 big ones within 10 square miles), tons of famous places. Known from living here.

For Egypt- I here Alexandria is really interesting

Mall of America- Don’t remember where it is(Minisota?). It’s supposed to be one of the largest in the world, complete with rollercoaster.

I was thinking of listing San Diego but I wasn’t sure. I’ll have to look into it.

I may consider Alexandria- I was thinking Cairo, but I’ve been told that it’s apparently really really dirty- and busy…

What parts of New York do you plan to visit? There are a ton of places to go and things to see there. If you are going to travel there are some point, you need to formalize an itinerary for yourself or you’ll be pulled in so many different directions you’ll get nothing done. :slight_smile:

I know, that’s the thing. I honestly have no idea where to start looking for travel information and to at least formulate a plan…figure out where specifically, I want to go, and do. I’m an isolated Nova Scotian gal, I’ve never been out of my province or anything so this is all new and exciting to me.

Boston is great, it’s a very historic city. Plus there’s the Red Sox. And Merlin.

Atlanta is great too, specifically if you’re a fan of rap. The modern day hip hop culture has a strangle hold on this city, and it’s just fun to be in. There’s also Coca Cola headquarters and the World of Coke (soon to be remodled with an ajoined aquarium). Elton John lives here too.

San Fransisco has many great sites, such as the Golden Gate Bridge, that big triangle building thing, lots of starbucks, and is a very nice and relaxing city with the ocean breeze blowing through the streets.

I’ve never been, but I’ve heard that Havana is just breath takingly beautiful. I really wanna go.

There’s nothing here. Leave your wallet home and just go see your friend.

Ireland is good. Depending on what you want, I could reccomend a few things. And I think Percival could offer a few more, if you want to ask him, he seems to know a lot.
Anyway, the relaxation…well, the Beara Peninsula is supposed to be good, and Achill Island is great…provided you don’t get stuck with bad weather. End of June, early August tends to be good there. HOWEVER. No shopping.
You want shopping, I recommend Galway. It has really nice sites, and is close to a LOT of historical sites, as well as being easy to navigate. And it’s near to the Burren, which really is very beautiful…

I don’t even know where to start. I love travelling too. :smiley:

You have an idea of some places you want to visit first, so that’s a good start. You can always get more detailed information in travel agencies (obviously, but normally, most of the employees have travelled a lot and know about many countries). Guide books such as “The Lonely Planet” and “Let’s Go” are also very helpful.

As for suggestions, well, I’ve been nowhere that’s on your list, but shopping? You should go to West Edmonton Mall. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe you’d like L.A. and its suburbs, as cliché as it sounds… I spent a couple of days in Pasadena with a friend, so we rented a car, drove around to find shopping malls and came back to our hotel to lay down next to the pool under palm trees. We went to beaches too, but I can’t comment much on them.

The San Francisco Bay area is also great. I would’ve liked to spend more days there. Sorc resumed the city well. :stuck_out_tongue: I bought my prom dress in SF, though, so that was definitely worth it, lolz!

Vancouver is cool, even though when I went, it was rainy. There are big shopping malls, an aquarium, Starbucks, sushi shops and parks. My description sucks, I know. :stuck_out_tongue:

I almost decided to go to New York this summer, but I finally changed my mind for Boston. It is indeed a nice historic city.

The only North African country I visited is Morocco. I assume some aspects are pretty similar to Egypt, though. I’d recommend looking into organized tours (or semi-organized) if you want to go there first, which I suppose you won’t. It’s very different… It’s poor, it’s dirty, it stinks, you can get ripped off so easily, everybody asks you out… But the cultural contact is very interesting and surpasses the inconveniences.

As for other random suggestions:

Paris. You have to go there once in your life. If only for a day. :stuck_out_tongue:

Barcelona. If you go to Spain one day, you HAVE to visit this one. Just walking around the city is wonderful. Plus, there are “El Corte Inglès” everywhere (as in all other Spanish cities :P)! Granada is another must-see city in Spain. The Alhambra is so beautiful.

Ireland. People I know who went there always recommend it for its scenery.

Anyway, I’ve said enough. As a closing word of advice your mom would say, start saving money. Now.

Ireland intimidates me though. I’m looking for places that are really warm-hot, all year around, or at least, in the summer. Ireland seems to be a bit too far north to my liking, but of course, I know nothing about your climate.

Well then. I’ll tell you some.
Achill literally had two weeks of fog. Two weeks STRAIGHT. With NO let up. But that was in Spring.
Anyway, thanks to Mr. North Atlantic Drift, we have a pleasant enough Climate, and Dublin is pretty dry, since it’s on the East coast. But Galways much nicer…
And in Ireland, you can get rain ANY time of year, that’s true, but during the summer, we usually have pretty good weather, usually somewhere in the low to mid-twenties Celcius.

Edit: Oh, and Ireland is on the same latiture (or lontitude, I’m not sure) as Canada is.
Nyah. >>

Two warm countries which are popular to visit at the moment are Portugal and Turkey. I do not know the details, but apparently there are some lovely resorts there. I do know that Portugal (and Spain as well) have quite a thriving nightlife, though. Both countries are also not too expensive, either.

I do recommend visiting Ireland (and Great Britain as well) at some point, though.

Oh I didn’t even notice Walhalla’s descriptions! Those are very detailed and helpful. I totally forgot about W E Mall (silly me) and Vancouver. I wouldn’t have thought about actually travelling around Canada, but Vancouver especially intruiges me as of now. It seems so multi-cultural, like Halifax.

Paris is definately going on my list :smiley: How could I forgot that? I’ll have to look into the others, (well except maybe Boston, since it was mentioned twice, so it becomes an interest) to see if they really seem worth visiting- I usually need to have some sort of historical or cultural interest in the place to want to visit.

And yes. This is all like, going to cost a fortune. I need to bargain hunt. A lot. And save. This will all cost lots. I’ll have to spread them out over the years.

And DB, Ireland may be on the same latitude, but some parts of Canada dips down further south than Ireland :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Nyah yourself

edit: I am considering Turkey. None of these places are…dangerous are they?

I know a couple of people who went to Turkey and I never heard it was a specifically dangerous country. It’s like anywhere else you’ve never been to; you don’t take unnecessary risks and when the religion is different, you respect that. Turkish baths are cool and turkish toilets aren’t as bad as they look. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want warm weather all year round, Southern California is the place to go. Be it L.A. or san Diego. The coldest it got here over this last winter was about 60 during the day. Dead serious, you have to go to the mountains(about 1.5 hour drive) for it to get below freezing, at night, in winter. Also, there is an extreme;y low chance of you getting rained out. It rains only in the spring and winter, and then only about 2-5 times a year(It’s still very green here, however. But not as much as other places I’ve been too). Little rain means no bugs either :).

Also, you have Disney Land, California Adventure, Six Flags:Magic Mountain, Knotts Berry Farm(theme park), Universal Studios, World Famous San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park, Balboa Park(The Zoo itself is here and only takes up a little of the space-it’s huge), Sea World, tons of malls, and much, much more.

Yeah like DB said, Ireland is a really beautiful place, and the people here are amazing. If you want to have a good time and be in a breathtaking environment then I really recommend here.
If you like nature I suggest here definately it’s called the Emerald Isle for a reason.

Anyway it can get pretty hot here during the summer, especially down here in South Tipperary.

And the Castles rock too, we have one in my town :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s good to dream. But I think in reality, you’ll never leave your street corner.

Venice, you must go to Venice, and Florence too, They are such beautifull cities. Rome sucks. :slight_smile:

Mall of America sucks. Its just like a normal mall. You don’t even notice the size.

If you go to New York, its not that hard to find things. I head up there quite often (because philly sucks), and everything is grouped together, so its easy to find many shops of each thing. Plus, theres TONS of bootlegged clothing and purses and shoes. I guess you’d like that :stuck_out_tongue: I guess you already know what to expect from NY, its just like you see in the movies/seinfeld episodes. Shopping is nice as well.

Don’t come to philadelphia. I live here, and it really sucks. We’ve got like…the founding fathers crap, liberty bell, and thats it. We’re like New York junior, we attempt to be like them, but fail miserably, and have nothing that makes us unique. We’re like a stopping point on the road from NY to DC. We have a nice chinatown, but so does DC.

DC is a really nice place as well. It has tons of history, and lots of things to do. You can see all the embassies from each country, tour America’s government institutions, and check out all the monuments. Also, public transportation is amazing in DC, the metro rocks. Its probably the best system on the East Coast, so you won’t have to worry about how you’re getting around. Also, DC is not like a normal city. It is ABSOLUTLEY EMPTY on the weekends. There are no cars in the street, no people around <i>NOTHING</i> on the weekends. It is a 100% commuter city. Aside from the touristy crap, it is dead when the government offices are not functioning. So if you like it quiet, DC is the place for you.

And while you’re on the East coast, you can always check out the Jersey shore. Personally, i think it sucks, but everyone who comes here on vacation loves it =. It has a nice boardwalk, or something.

If you like food and pirated software/anime/games, Beijing.

Venice or Milan would also be good choices.