Uwe Boll

All I’m saying is that for a movie that was about Vampires VS Werewolves, it took it self a little too seriously.

Yeah, I basically ignored alot of the movie, just because it was pretty good violence starring a hot chick. Also I was in AIT when I saw it, so my standards were looooowwww.

The cast for Uwe Boll’s Dungeon Siege is so inexplicably good. Go take a look at it:

The cast for Bloodrayne looks good too Merl, but that doesn’t make a movie.

eh, the cast for BloodRayne wasn’t all that great (Kingsley and Irons are currently in a race for most B-movie castings ever); but the Dungeon Siege one is so good considering how terrible the director is, how lukewarm a film product DS is, and it’s just so incredibly random the casting.

There have been <I>some</I> good video game movies. The Resident Evil flicks were pretty good (the first was a better movie, and the second was more true to the game). Advent Children was good. I’m truly looking forward to Silent Hill and Resident Evil 3, and I’m somewhat interested in Castlevania (which is being directed by Paul W. S. Anderson, director of Resident Evil and Mortal Kombat).

Hunter rocks. Even really bad movies shall not deny that.

Hollywood makes so much crap, I mean the only interesting thing about Hollywood movies are the CGI, especially when talking about Videogame movies.
Some people don’t have a brain to make a good adaptation or the creativity of making a good plot without nonsense stuff or with a lot fillerscoughpeter jackson’s dinasours vs king kong scenecough

You know, there were dinosaurs in the original King Kong, right? I keep hearing people complain about the dinosaurs in King Kong, but the original story of the original King Kong featured dinosaurs, too.

Not that I’m defending the new King Kong. I don’t think it particularly needed to be made, and I’m not a big fan of Peter Jackson.

Uwe Boll is making a Fear Effect movie? =/ He doesn’t put the ass in assassin.


I am, and I really liked Kong. :smiley:

But yeah, grr, or something to the main topic.

i believe he gets most of his financial support from european production companies, which are covered through some producersish subsidization loophole.