Uwe Boll

I hope he dies. This man has not one creative bone in his body. He takes videogames and makes them into movies. Horrible movies at that.

I eagerly await one person to go about making a videogame into a movie in a serious fashion.



And Hollywood doesn’t understand why they have declining movie ticket sales.

The only good game on there is Farcry, and he’s commiting gross sacrilege to it. Also, this is way old, and he wants to do another Bloodrayne movie.

Fuck, this guy’s an idiot

Yes, please.

A glimpse into the future…


Also, got the following from Wikipedia:

He is currently in a bidding war for rights to Half-Life and Metal Gear Solid.


I don’t hope he dies, I just hope he learns from his past mistakes in the movie business and starts creating movies that are better than his past works.

This looks like it’ll be alright. One of the writers who wrote for Pulp Fiction is writing some of the script, if that means anything to you. Since it seems people go crazy over Pulp Fiction.

Please God, no. Don’t let him have it.

Now that I remember, I haven’t heard of the Metroid film in ages. Any news on that?

Jesus Christ…he’s decimated the box office enough but if he gets rights to Half Life and MGS I’ll MURDER him.

Well…who knows? Maybe he’ll change and make a good movie?

Can I help? :smiley:

He’ll turn MGS into an unbelievably realistic war story

…Assuming this is true, Kojima wouldnt let him touch his stuff. Nor do I think Valve would let them anywhere near there IP. They’re the smart kind of greedy.

Well, it can’t be hard to make a Fear Effect movie. All I would do is put some naked lesbians with guns and I’ll make millions :open_mouth:

About the MGS thing, he isn’t getting ahold of that anytime.

See this? He would like to make it. He would have fun making it. He would orgasm tearing out everything good about MGS and shoving another generic piece of crap down our throats.

But nowhere it says, that he’s going to make it or even is in talks. Kojima would never allow this. Kojima would allow only one person to direct MGS: himself.

That’s what I hope anyway.[/quote]Find me proof of anything other than him hyping his own fat ass, and I’ll believe you.

Two people already have the rights, or so I’ve seen, to an MGS script. If I’m not mistaken, Roger Avary is one of them. He is on the <a href=“http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000812/”>writing credits</a> for Silent Hill, as well as Reservoir Dogs (Radio dialog) and Pulp Fiction (Stories).

Can I help too?

Well, it can’t be hard to make a Fear Effect movie. All I would do is put some naked lesbians with guns and I’ll make millions :open_mouth:

I’m not sure given Uwe Boll’s record even a formula as easy as that could be ruined.

I just see him as a “B” movie director that no one but the internet community seems to care about.

If you really want to be outraged about something, has anyone noticed that a new “Underworld” movie is comming out?

Whats to be outraged about?

The end of the first one practically said, Sequel Coming Soon!

I wouldn’t mind seeing Kate Beckinsale in fangs and tight leather again.

Limed for truth.

Underworld wasnt bad if you took it as it was and didnt expect any real…intelligence? from it.