Uwe Boll vs. The Critics: Round 1

This is not a metaphor.

Man, there are probably a lot of people who’d love to be in that ring…

And yes, I’ve seen the Ctrl-Alt-Del strip about it. 8p

I’m lucky enough to have never ever seen a single one of his movies and will very likely keep it that way for the rest of my life.

I like boxing, so I hope to be able to see this in action.

Maybe we’ll get lucky and he’ll, like, accidentally die or something.

I can’t help but chuckle that they call BloodRayne “high-profile.” And I would LOVE to be in that ring. I think I can take him. I might be wiry, but I’m small.

He’s supposedly had years of boxing experience, but he also says his movies are good.
Take what he says with a grain of salt. Although seeing him take on someone like Zergling Minor would be hilarious.
zerglingminor is famous for being over or around 7’, and around 300 or so pounds of mostly muscle. he posted a story once about some guy being pissed at him for his directions to a hotel over the phone. The man showed up to kick his ass, and saw some short woman at the reception desk. The man bitched her, then zergling came out of the crapper and scared the piss (literally) out of the man.


lol internet tuff guys. With two f’s.


Challenger #1!

so this is what it’s like… to be owned…

Nothing is possible on the internet.

“i’m going to become rich and famous after i invent a device that allows you to stab people in the face over the internet” – [SA]HatfulOfHollow

I think this line has also migrated to some webcomic or other.

blink blink
I always thought people were telling me to ‘take it with a grain assault’.
No sleep does this to me.

I give Boll credit for taking publicity stunts to a whole new level.

Maybe we’ll get even luckier and watch someone intentionally kill him. That would be much more satisfying.

Because someone making bad movie adaptations of video games is a perfectly reasonable excuse to kill him.

Y’all people are tuff. With two f’s.

Especially GOOD games

We could call it “for aesthetic reasons”. Anyway, who cares? I bet we’ve watched better matches

Given his generous contribution to what American cinema has become today, I’d say it’s quite reasonable.

I suggest you go reevaluate your priorities then if you think directing B-grade movies is a reasonable excuse to kill someone.

lowell joking about killing someone