UT2k4 - Adrenaline combos?

I wasn’t sure wheather to put this here or in the Gaming Help forum…I decided on here, since it’s more likely to be seen by someone know knows.

Does anyone know the codes for the Adreneline powerups? (With the exeption of Speed, since they tell you that in the tutorial.)

I know them, but I won’t post them until next sunday, after all, I wouldn’t want to give up an unfair advantage before this weekend’s big Montreal Lan. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think these are right.
tap forward (W) four times for a speed power-up.
tap back (S) four times to get a self-heal power-up.
tap left strafe (D) two times then right strafe (A) two times to get invisibility.
tap forward (W) two times and back (S) two times for Berserk

Only with Extra Combo Mutator:
quickly tap Left Strafe four times for Pint sized?
quickly tap Right Strafe four times for Camo?

Oh and haha no unfair advantage for J00!