Using a PS2 controller on a PC for SNES ROMS

My original PC gamepad recently suffered a tragic death (I should’ve never put it on a shelf 5 ft. above tile floor). Instead of buying a replacement, I’m looking at a USB connector that allows a PS2 remote to be used on a PC.

My question is: will this function the same as PC-designated gamepads, especially in emulators? I’m not very technical in such matters and would hate to pull teeth just to get the PS2 remote to work. If this venture is more trouble than it’s worth, then I’ll just stick with (inferior) PC gamepads.

Thanks for your help lads. :cool: something like this should work. I’m not sure about how well it will work with your emulator though.

Yeah, they work just like if you were using a standard gamepad. <A HREF=“”>Fry’s Electronics</A> sells them in their stores, if you don’t like ordering things online.

RadioShack sells them, thats where i got mine.

Has anyone had any configuration problems when using a PS2 controller on the PC? I’ve been thinking about buying a usb adapter for one for quite sometime, but I wonder if it has problems like the 360 controllers?

They work fine, I use a PS2 converter for everything I play.

No? All it does is map the buttons of your PS2 controller to the buttons of a typical USB joystick. Then you can configure MAME/SNES functions to the joystick buttons…like [] becomes B3, X becomes B4, etc etc.

Only trouble i’ve ever had is that my adapter maps Axis1 and Axis2 wrong, so i can only use either the DPad OR the DualShock sticks, never both :frowning: But thats a driver issue, not a functionality issue.

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Thanks for the feedback, guys. My local Radio Shack has an adapter, so I’m gonna buy it tomorrow. Only problem is on their website the adapter is pictured with a FLOPPY DISK that the drivers come on! Who the hell has one of those anymore? I sure hope the one I’m getting comes with a CD


It shouldn’t, mine came with a credit-card sized CD. If you get a floppy, i’d be happy to rip my drivers for you anyway.

Also, make sure you speed up the refresh rate on your USB ports, to minimize lag. Basically, Windows slows down the refresh rate over USB ports because they only expected mice to be used on them (right…). You can use this hack to speed USB polling speed back up to high speeds, like 500/1000hz. Use the program i’m linking to below.

I use one, and it works fine for almost all the games I use a controller for on the PC. I think my adapter is made by Wasaki.

While I don’t use a PS2 controller, the USB gamepad I do have pretty much ripped its design off Sony. I was only $20 too, and works like a charm.

The usb converter I got from Radio Shack was plug and play, I never needed to install drivers even though it came with a disk. XP is pretty good about handling USB devices.