User title thread

If you had 850 or more posts before the boards went down, post what you would like your title to be here and an admin will set it up for you when he has time. Be honest, and Sparkles will be seriously angered if any of you lie over a lousy title.

Keep in mind we MIGHT change our minds on those changes. I have an idea to make things interesting around here, which I’ll reveal myself as to what it was if it doesn’t go through or if it does, there’ll be a general announcement about how things’ll go about it.

“I don’t WANT a large Farva!”

I had 2400, so here is mine.

Photoshop master… soon

BTW, while you are changing my title could you drop the 4 from my name, please?

Can I have a custom title too?
I want to be “Little prancing Samurai”

If you had 850 or more posts before the boards went down

Seph, I don’t think you even had 100 before the worm.

I know, but I wanted to take this chance to get me a custom title.

Weiila/Catgirl Lover, here.

I think I had “The lost Mage” when it all crashed

If you want, you could Admin me for a day or two, and I would change all the peoples post rate to 1000. Afterall I have nothing better to do. And you could trust me not to fuck anything up. Or you could make me in charge of the titles and avatars, OMG! Thats like what I was put on this planet to do!!!

I had 1000+ posts and ummm mine was

100% Synthetik

I was also wondering if you could change my name to

exo ver 2.0

“In Tyler I Trust”

Card-Doken (You’ll see when the avatars come back)

puts Mech-Zangief to take care of Xelo’s CFC card


And change mine to “Arcade Superhero”

Seph, you’re angering Sparkles. Don’t.

Thanks alot ! ^-^

Thanks Merl.

Man, this is an old avatar! Umm, my title before all this happened was “With Lina Inverse Boobies!” I think.

Lina Inverse Boobies… O_O

Man, seein Val with 3 posts sure got me blinking for a moment