Urgh the names

It shows they’re in the midwest… x_x


People are not supposed to give birth to litters. At 6 billion +, we’re NOT recovering from the fucking Flood anymore.

Ugh… we don’t NEED fertility drugs. If you want kids, either be patient or adopt. It’s funny that these same people would probably talk about how unnatural birth control is…

gets me a machine gun ready I’m ready to control the population

Poor mother, I say! o_O Ooouch…

Ouch is right.
One would have been more than bad enough.

Yeahhhh…birth control isn’t very popular here. >.>

For Christ’s sake, they had two already… :-/ They must really like the smell of baby shit.

How do that many even fit? Are they 1/6 the size of normal babies?

Back when I was in Massachusettes I heard of a group of Octuplets. They also used some fertility drug.

EIGHT?! o.O Is that even humanly possible? She must really have hated her body to do something like that to it. And imagine keeping them all fed and clothes for years and years… And eight three-year-olds at the same time! Aaaaaugh! dies

Yeah, sadly its true -_- Like 5 of them lived

Usually when you have that many kids, they’re born prematurely because as hinted by some of the females on the board, it just doesn’t fucking fit. I wonder what the nutritional requirements would be to hold advanced stages…

Anyway, the only reason those sextuplets are really alive is mostly because of the hospital. Its the hospital bill I REALLY wouldn’t want to see.

We saw a video in health class senior year about a woman who gave birth to 6 or 7 children, and the last one they didn’t even notice until afterwards when one of the doctors went to remove the placenta.

Seriously. What do they need more kids for? To work the farm? ;p I can understand childless couples trying out drugs and whatnot, but jesus… they weren’t satisfied with the first two?? Our planet is already overpopulated enough!

Personally, I liked china’s policy: one kid for each couple. (at least in theory… in practice lots of little girls were killed -_-)

They do births like that by C-section.

Correction - She must have hated her significant other to do something like that to her.

People overdo it with fertility products, and look what happens. -_-

Keep duct tape handy nod nod

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Personally, I liked china’s policy: one kid for each couple. (at least in theory… in practice lots of little girls were killed -_-)

And make a wild guess about the dominant gender left to Kindergartens? :wink:

Maybe there just should be this oh-so-cruel and inhumane thing and make it forbidden to use such medication…

…Or just make 'em go high in anestethics for 9 months and then hand 'em a kid from an orphanage.

I remember that Newsweek put a mother who accomplished a similar feat a while back on the front of their magazine.

The fact that they had to “<A href=“http://www.cursor.org/ecwatch/frank_rich_ec.htm” target=”_blank">correct</A>" her smile before they put her picture on the cover speaks a whole lot more about this type of people than words <em>ever</em> could.