Urge to kill...

How exactly does one virus and a formatting of the hard drive take SEVEN FRICKING WEEKS to fix? I know I didn’t pay for it and all, but still, jeez…

I’m back, by the way :wink:

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh, who are you?

Uh, welcome back. :smiley:

Seven weeks is a bit excessive, to fix the problems cause by just one virus, and to format a Hard Drive.

Anyway welcome back.

Seven weeks is a little long, well at least you’re back… who in the hell are you? :wink:

Welcome back, o unfamiliar one…

Hey Neb, welcome back. And guys, it’s the dude with the red balloon thing of an avatar… the guy that writes FF8 fics… wait, that last thing goes for about ten thousand too many people.

Welcome back Neb

Sorry about your hard drive but exactly how did it take that long to format?

Seven weeks?! ::doh:: Damn, that must’ve been one bugger of a virus…

Welcome back, I guess.

In spite of one brief ban and a further 5 weeks inactivity a few months back, I find itdisturbing and distressing that someone who’s been here 11 months (check the date just below Dr. Who on the left there) is so unremembered. Other past avies, besides the mutant red testicle, include the bell-end with eyes and the screaming mop-head

Remember now? :wink:

And no, it wasn’t a bugger of a virus, it was relying on a mate to fix the PC in his spare time that did it :hmm:

Yo Neb. I do recognize you, even though I do see you much.

WB, and I hope your comps alright.

Heeey, good to see ya back.

Now get back to work on Heritage, biatch! cracks whip

does the welcome back dance

Welcome back. And next time take it to someone who knows how to format in one hour.

Long Live Procrastrination and Lazyness! The two greatest empires to have existed upon the earth.

: Mr. Waving Smilie says ‘Hi’, and formats your harddisk in ten seconds with a magnet.

Welcome back Neb, I was wondering where you’d got to.

Oh yeah, the Mutant Testicle guy, I remember you. Welcome back.

Yah, nice to see you again, Neb. For a minute, I thought you might have gotten in trouble here again.

bwahaha…seven weeks,
i laugh at you :mwahaha: