Upfucked it be


Point clearly made. Katie Holmes is s’posed ta be cute, not sexy.

Except that Katie Holmes is UGLY.

Mah, she’s better than some of the “Barbie Dolls” out there.
But yeah, meant to be “cutesy”, not sexy.


No, she’s not even cutesy.
Don’t know how to describe it, but she can’t be cute OR sexy.
I don’t get it :frowning:

her milksacs are practically sagging in that picture. if this is the new look for innovative and sexy women out there, I am going homosexual

Wanna go fag it up with me, then?

i don’t date men who wear white shoes durrrrr

I hate it when the fashion consultants reread Emperor’s New Clothes.

<font size=99> FAP FAP FAP</font>

Oh you :kissy:

… … …


Katie Holmes did used to be very cute, now even if she is, I won’t notice as I’M FUCKING SICK OF HER ALREADY!!!

I blame scientology.

Too true!
I think she was nuked just one notch too hard…


You just say these things for fear of jeopardizing you/Jenna’s relationship.

That’d be why I never bring my girls here.

I’ve only had one gf anyway…

Er, no. I say it because I’m serious :stuck_out_tongue:
If I found someone other than jenna attractive, I wouldn’t be afraid to say anything in front of her because we have an understanding of sorts.

That’s so sweet. When I get a girlfriend I hope she’s the same way.

About Katie Holmes…I guess she’s okay. She seems like more like a girl next door type to me for some reason, so those clothes don’t really turn me on to her or anything.

Ditto, but she’s not the worst of sorts, you have to admit that!
I mean… look at TOO many of the female actors out there! or male for that fact nowadays… Selling out to silicon.

Physical presentation is too much of an element nowadays anyway, does it particularly matter that her boobs are THIS big, and her arse is THIS nice?


Not a big fan of granny tits, myself. But whatever turns you on. :stuck_out_tongue:

I want the puppies!! points to puppies :biggrin: