Update on my pc situation

I’m getting another cheap ass desktop but considering how badly I need a pc, I don’t have much oppurtunity to bitch.

So I’ll need :

1-to know how to disable XP auto firewall
2-disable that spamessenger system on XP
3-a new firewall (which I can get from Z I think)

1 and 2 are my main worries. Thanks

I use ZoneAlarm. Its a Software Firewall. Not only that, but while its up, I never get any of these pop ups ads.


I used ZA also and Zero probably can provide me with it as noted.

1: Go to Start
Network Places
View Network Connections (It’s on the left sidebar)
Right-Click on connection
One of the tabs has the option of a firewall in it, uncheck it.
Hit okay, and you’re done.
2: I have no clue.


*Control Panel
*Admistrative Tools
*Find Messanger, double click on it
*Startup type: Disabled
*Click Stop just to be sure you shut the service down

What is Number 2?

ive never heard of it

Originally posted by luke skywalker
[b]What is Number 2?

ive never heard of it [/b]

I think this is what you are talking about


Edit: Damn you xelo, you beat me to it

Thanks for the info people!! And DS was right, there’s always something you forget. I had backed up my bookmarks n stuff , but I guess it fell on a cd I had to scrap (didn’t work) and I forgot to burn it again.