Upcoming WoW Patch

There’s an upcoming WoW patch, and they’ve got some public test servers up.
Here’s the patch notes: http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/patchnotes/patch-05-04-06.html

Also, I’ve taken some pictures of the new Epic Wolves and Epic Raptors.

And one of the goons sent me this, the new Epic Ram.

So this was finally confirmed eh?

Daaamn, look at all those sweet warrior upgrades.

God it can suck to be a warrior.

Warlocks got a nice nerf, seduce and fear on the same diminishing returns timer, woo. At least the Succubus is hotter.

I like how they’re mimicking the Cosmos interface style. I’m not thrilled about the “diminishing returns” on frost effects, but its probably for the best.

They might be rolling those back. That’s what a dev said in response to it on the test forum, at least.

The epic mounts all look awesome. They’re also making the Core Marksman’s Rifle (Got the recipe from an MC boss) look kickass. ANOTHER thing, is that there has been a bug with rogue’s attack power. I guess now ambush will hit cloth for easily 2.4k. Backstab against plate will still hit 1k.

I think the human epic mount was the biggest upgrade, I really like it. I also love the new nightsabers.

Nightsaber: http://www.wowcenter.net/nightsaber1.jpg

Horse: http://www.wowcenter.net/horse.jpg

Also: All of these diminishing returns were necessary. Basically everything besides these have always had them.

Sin: No it can’t :stuck_out_tongue: Warriors are so amazingly awesome any basically everything. They are the only PVE tanks, they ROCK PVP at level 60 (Which is when you start getting the good equipment) AND they are one of two classes that can use the best one-hand sword in the game.

Warriors are extremely good at tanking, sometimes (Even against MC bosses…) they don’t even need to use taunt. They spam Sunder Armor, which causes insane amounts of aggro, on whatever they are fighting and save taunt for if someone overaggros.

Warriors are really good at PVP because they have some abilities that enable them to basically ignore any snares. They also hit REALLY hard with 2handers. The thing with warriors is that basically how effective you are depends on your equipment. They’ve also got an evil move that will take out any agi-based characters pretty easily (overpower), which crits for like, 1k and it can’t be dodged blocked or parried :stuck_out_tongue: It has a nice crit-rate when you get the talent for it.

Alsoalso: I found a 1.2k gold epic item about 30 minutes ago… >.>;

TD: The reason is because the way (good) warlocks would PVP was so amazingly annoying, that it is next to impossible to win against a good one. They start with a seduce, use fear, drop the seduce, let them run away a bit, then use shadowbolt, start casting seduce, then fear, rinse, wash, and repeat.

Panama: You might consider getting CTMod, it is (In my opinion) a lot better than Cosmos, it has the important stuff without all of the extra crap. You might also think about UUI mod (Which is insanely old, Kalius has it) it basically has everything + a bunch of REALLY cool things. I got part of it, Gatherer. This puts icons of any gathering things (Veins, herbs) on your map so that you can easily make routes when you are trying to get specific things.

Bullshit. Another way to make Frost Mages not viable. I’m so not returning. Yay for cookie-cutter builds.

I know this. The more annoying bit is that it’s basically the only real defense that warlocks have, beyond Soul Link which takes 31 talent points and can get dispelled, and the LAUGHABLE Curse of Exhaustion, which also takes talent points. Now with this nerf they basically have 3 casts of it, one which is wasted by a good chunk of trinkets (the new rank 2 things) and one which is wasted by various class/race abilities, like Fear Ward (though that doesn’t hit Seduce) and Will of the Forsaken, leaving one cast at, uh, 25% efficiency, if I recall correctly. Then the next is immune if the defenses used against it didn’t render the target immune yet.

It’s just a bit unbalancing in my eyes, since half the playerbase is now immune to our only real CC. But I’ll withold judgement until the patch goes life on EU servers.

Uhh, frost mages OWN, Book :stuck_out_tongue:

TD: WotF is already insanely unbalanced, it’s annoying to priests and warriors too :stuck_out_tongue:
And dont diss curse of exhaustion. One of the coolest PVP builds I have created was for a warlock. Dont even need a succubus. This is designed for 1v1 PVP, by the way, but even 1v1 PVP works wonders in bigger groups. Fear (Let them run out a ways), curse of exhaustion, corruption, immolation, siphon life, RUN if they are anything but melee (If they are a hunter you should be keeping your succubus seducing their pet). Melee: If they get anywhere near close, cast fear and keep your curse and DoTs on them, maybe throw in a shadow bolt but be ready to fear again if it breaks early. Ranged: Fear them again and keep on shadow bolting and fearing whenever it breaks.

The one exception is rogues, it is very useful to have your succubus out for when they jump you, you can immediately seduce and get way out of their range.

Booken is too used to the sever imbalances of mages in RO to see how much mages in WoW own. I have a level 11 mage and I love her though the down time is a bummer. I would also imagine frost mages are invaluable in MC, and most stuff is PVP related rather than PvM related. I just hope blizzard keeps up with the patches coming out faster.

Wait, they made rogues stronger??? Are they crazy?

They didn’t make them stronger they made the calculation work correctly.

It doesn’t really matter as much anymore anywho. The classes are balanced enough for it to matter mostly on player skill.

Actually, it does matter that they fixxed the calc, it mattered soo much that blizz is nerfing the damage on them. :stuck_out_tongue:

As long as I dont do less than I do right now, I’llb e happy. I have an easy enough time killing anyone I come across anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sure as hell dissing Curse of Exhaustion. 6 talent points for a 30% reduce in speed, and it takes up your curse slot. I’d rather spend them on something more useful.

Ok…how Can CoE NOT be useful? It’s great in pvp… It’s great if you are trying to run from people and get some space for some shadow bolts or to drain life from them while they run. Hell, I’d rather use that in pvp then CoA atm and spend the 6 talent points. The only reason i’m not afflict atm is because of the 8 slot debuff issue, but once they fix that (there working on it and possibly adding more slots) I’m going afflict in a heart beat and getting CoE with all it’s buffs.

I’d love to see you try to get away from a druid or even a rogue without it, and sometimes even a mage.

TD, snares are insanely important in PVP. They are basically how melee win or lose.

Nobody claimed it isn’t useful. Is it worth 6 talent points for such a tiny benefit, 30% move speed reduction, though? Maybe if you’re going Affliction as your main tree, but otherwise I’d rather toss those points in Suppression.

Snares ARE important. Which is why it’s stupid that Warlocks get a weak Snare after 6 talent points.