Up Your Arsenal....R0X0RS!!!!

I now have it, and I must say…1t 1s LYk3 UYB3 k3lw!1111oneoneelebens111!

Sorry about that, but really Ratchet is so great! This one has great level variety, BEAUTIFUL (If you would coall these beautiful) explosions, and is REALLY funny! Now I must put quotes from it:

Those probably aren’t exact but…who cares?

So I’ve heard. Sadly, it seems like I’ve developed an allergy of 3d platformers. Somehow, they don’t appeal to me anymore. I might rent this one to give it a go, though, and see how serious this ailment is.

Last 3D platformer I played was Crash. Now they just don’t seem all that good to me.

Play San Andreas instead.

Am I the only one that keeps reading the title as “Up Your Arse”?

Yeah I think you’re about the only one that reads that. But thats cool, I’d prolly have read the thread earlier if thats what mine said.

Speaking of 3D platformers (admittedly, a side-scrolling one in this case), I have GOT to start playing Viewtiful Joe some more.

I don’t see whats wrong with 3D platformers…and this on has Lock-Stafe Mode, which means no more camera moving at bad times XD…exept if you’re bad at moving the camera…

Ratchet and Clank is one of the few platformers that’s actually had me interested in platformers, period.

I heard the level designs and gameplay were great, and the challenge was also good.

One word…yes.