Unwanted Breath of Fire 4

I don’t know if this is a rule-break unmentioned in the rules, 'cause as I skim through it, I don’t see it… but, anyone want to buy some game offa me? Breath of Fire IV for the Playstation? If it breaks the rules, just close this, and don’t go all apeshit, and delete all my post count. =/ plz kai tnx

Y’see, I bought BoF4 yesterday, for like, $36, pre-owned. (They said it was 12.99$, and when I brought my fifty to the cashier, they only gave me back 14 or so dollars. If I would have known it was that much, I wouldn’t have bought it, and I thought after I got the change back, it better be a good fucking game, 'cause it costing so much…

But, my tastes do not like it… I don’t know why, I heard BoF was an awesome series… this game is horrible, in my opinion… I can’t get a refund, but I can get the disc cleaned for free… and I was wondering if any of you wanted to buy it off of me… they said it was a pretty rare game, and I believed them.

The booklet is still there, but is not that great of condition… it has some marks on it… Not a lot, not in poor condition, lower than fair, a bit. The front of the disc is fine, no marks that are visible. The back, has a minute amount of scratches on it, but, I can get it cleaned for free. I’ve played it once, and I’ll be damned if I’ll play it again. The case is in good condition, not the best, but I can swipe it for another disc case I have.

I was going to the nearby Electronic Boutique to buy Final Fantasy Origins, but I had to sell some old games, for $$$. They bring up that BoF is an awesome game, and is much better than FFO. Which is total bullshit, in my eyes. So uh… now I am, with BoF on this desk I’m sitting in.

I live in Toronto, Ontario, and I’m not asking for people from… AUSTRALIA, to come all the way over here to buy a game from me. I haven’t a clue on where any of you live, 'cept for a few… okay, 2, but, I really… really… hate this game, to an uncomprehensible state.

Enough babbling, down to business.

Final Fantasy Origins is $24.99 + (Tax = 15%) --> Approx. $29

Nathan holds = About 10 bucks.

BoF 4 cost = $36

I don’t know, but I think $15 is a suitable price. $19 would be good, but I don’t want to ask of too much.

So uh… auction time?

Edit: I wish tax was 1.15%.

The game gets better later on. I suggest playing more and seeing if it’s really to your taste. You can’t have gotten too far if you only bought it yesterday.

That said, $36 is a rip-off, especially if they had the price on the game as $13.

Um- if they said that it was less than it was, you should have complained. Why did you let them rip you off like that?

I say we delete your postcount for mod sass. >:(

You sure you wouldn’t ship overseas? I could use a new RPG and I’ve never played a BoF game all the way through yet.

Then BoF4 isn’t the one to start with :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree with Eva, BoF4 isn’t a good example of how the saga works. You are better off starting with BoF1 and working your way trough 2 and 3.

And DomaDragon is right, you should really play a little more before getting rid of it. At least until you see Kaiser Dragon for the first time :stuck_out_tongue:

And while we’re on the topic of BoF- 2 is the best. Period.


BoF 1 and 2 REALLY suck. I just don’t know what’s so bad about 2, but its just…bad. I think SG might be able to word my discontent for it.

I like BoF 2 a lot, but then again I’m a little biased since it was one of the first games I’ve played. BoF 3 was really good, except for the occasional “forced party members”.

And I agree with Doma. Give the game a couple of days before deciding you don’t like it. I didn’t really get into until about five or six hours in.

Oh? That’s easy! Check it out…

To understand a big part of why BoF2 sucked, you have to play BoF1. What was bad about BoF1? The fighting was totally basic, slow, and not challenging to boot. The story was just terrible. SK put it best in his review…something like, when you find a character they’re all “I see you’re fighting the Dark Dragons. Me too.” and then they join you. Also, the story hardly even develops after the beginning of the game, and it’s all just a bunch of fetch quests. You might think “oh, all of BoF is just a bunch of fetch quests!” Well, that’s why BoF 3 was the only good one out of the first 4 :stuck_out_tongue: The game goes by terribly slow, nothing is interesting, and it’s very hard to figure out what to do next. The music is all terribly lame too. The only saving grace is the graphics, which were excellent for their time.

…NOW, let’s look at BoF2! :smiley: What has changed from BoF1 to BoF2? I’ll give you a hint: Nothing. …Still don’t know the answer yet? Lemme make a demonstration and maybe it’ll be clearer.

The gameplay of BoF2 is exactly the same. The fighting of BoF2 is actually simplified. Every character has some special ability that only they can use, but almost all of them suck, so most characters aren’t worth using at all. They super-nerfed the dragon powers, which were at least slightly interesting in the first one. Now it just uses up all your MP right away. Great. The story? Well, it was a bit more promising this time around, it was translated terribly. I often hate it when people complain about translations, but here I am, complaining about it. That’s how bad it is. :stuck_out_tongue: There are some characters that are more interesting, but like most SNES RPGs, only a few of them are dynamic. You also forget what the point of the game is, and why you’re doing what you’re doing after a while, because the things you do are just so disparately connected. The music? Yeah, it’s worse this time around. Most of this music just HURTS to listen to, I can’t stand it. Again, the only really noteworthy aspect of the game is the graphics. Again, they’re really nice.

Thusly, both BoF games on the SNES are bad. While BoF1 was bearable enough for me to finish back when I was going through my ‘anything-that’s-an-RPG-is-cool’ phase, BoF2’s combination of slow, more boring gameplay, horrible (horribly funny too) dialogue, and its aural catastrophe of a musical score, I just couldn’t deal. I had to FORCE myself to play this game, and I still could only get about halfway through. It’s godawful.

As for BoF4, I can’t really agree that it gets better…actually it started out pretty fun for me and BECAME boring. There’s nothing like, terribly BAD about it…but on the same token, there’s nothing that GOOD about it either. It’s not a failure like the SNES ones, but it’s still just a mediocre game.

Well, BoF1 is as basic as RPG goes so I’d understand if you don’t like it. The journey almost felt like when Mario got to every castle just to hear Toad say “Sorry Mario the princess is another castle”. But I’m a BoF junkie so I still liked it.

BoF2 is somewhat better in that aspect, though it still feels sorta rushed or… well, I don’t know how to explain it, but the first half can’t make me give a shit about most of the stuff that goes on. It gets better after the whole “chase the thief” segment though. And I admit it… sometimes I actually forgot what was I supposed to be doing it the middle of a quest.

Been playing to when you get to the Sand city (Sasai?).

I’d respond to everyone, but I’m at school, and not really allowed to do recreation work.

I can’t ship overseas, because well, it’s a first time, and secondly, I need money by… like, next week. =(

I know I should get into it more, but I don’t like the battles, or the characters… the config scheme sucks major assage too, in my (humble) opinion.

Please, I need 15$…

Also, to whomever asked why it said 12.99, but it was 36$… they probably were thinking of something else at the time, and I would’ve complained, but the transaction was made already, and they don’t give refunds. I felt like I could do nothing.

Must go, teacher is coming.

ehehe…hides I almost finished BoF 3 with almost not understanding the series story…but I still liked it though.But thats what I should’ve done.Start from 1 and ^.I sometimes got headaches just tryin to grasp the friggin’ story, so I just kept killin the little beasts like I knew what I was doing :thud:I still want to play the 4th art even though.

It’s not the story, since you won’t understand shit anyways thanks to the crappy translation. It’s just that playing 1 after playing 3 will feel like watching Glitter right after Matrix.

Nah Mitsuko, don’t fall for it! 3 is the only good one :stuck_out_tongue: And Dragon Quarter, the one on the PS2. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you people say so :cool:

At least play BoF2, it’s not the greatest thing ever, but it’s a very good and classic game and the G.Dragon looks bitching.

Dragon Quarter is only $15 new now. It’s a crime not to have it!

(you’re welcome)

I hated Dragon Quarter. Bof1 defines old school rpg.