Unusual problem...

Whenever I visit most websites, the font sizes itself bigger than it’s supposed to be.
It;s not a major PROBLEM…moe of an annoyance.
To give an example, take a look at this…it’s a pic of a panel from the very first Kid Radd comic.
The colors are a little messed up, but thats irrelevent.

I’ve seen this stuff on other people’s computers, so I KNOW this isn;t how it should be.

Can anyone help?

I think there’s an option in IE that controls the size of the font.

Hey, that wroked. Thanks, dude. gives BX an elixer

Hold ctrl and roll the scrool wheel on your mouse until desired size is achieved.

I don’t usually like that method Frameskip. Infact it annoys the hell out of me when I’m copying and pasting while trying to scoll down with the mouse.

oh thanx gamer - I had the same problem and that fixed it for me

View > Text Size

For me it looks freaky whenever anyone turns it up, 'cause it’s been on smaller for decades, so anythign else is just too damned big. 0_0