Untitled Poem by CC

CC requested that I post this for him, so here it is. ^^


by Cybercompost

<p>I don’t want to interrupt your dreams floating above the abyssal realm yet below heaven an angel stuck in the stratosphere collides into a jet plane never to speak again fallen forbidden forever from paridise falls straight into my lap disguised as a blessing destroyed like a martyr no more dead than the next soul corrupted by fear and lust for pain mind still lives while body turns to jelly I imagine living in the Faustian dream the Third Reich paridise where all my friends are dead and I am left in a sea of lifeless inbred mediocre manpigs. Some jokes should never be told even by God even by God with his bizarre sense of humour that nobody gets although it would be more frightening if he was not joking and this is all we get the brown air and the redrust water where the corpses lay.
<p>Maybe the Nazis won and we didn’t realize it. Or maybe we should all stop jumping the Grand Canyon on a scooter and try doing something useful her hair brushes against me and I shudder a ghost come back to haunt me hunt me stupid instinct or destiny or fucking deus ex machina has me in its unholy grip again calling me to war or worse the battles where your heart and stomach are shot full of life and your loves stop working if only for a short beat in time not even a measure only a quarter rest. Maybe the solo will burst into harmony soon maybe the burning will be feuled by a fire that I feul with mine and our souls will blaze, an arson noticed by the entire world that we live in and the ashes remain after it is… we are… long gone.
<p>I’m an elevator that will not reach its top floor if I snip the wire crashing into the depths of Damien’s playground and the weeping souls would have no sympathy caught up in their own sorrow the breath on my face the gestures the small talk the accident, the crash that brings us to each other’s eyes upon years of passing over with our eyes a metal door handle on a wooden portal the numbers two oh three remind me the large stimulus needs a bigger change before you notice the difference like getting whacked in your skull with a sledehammer telling you WAKE UP! Rejoin the outside where the dim lights shine upon all of use the skull rises out of its grave forgetting the rest of its body and rolls through the hills singing battle hymns praise Jesus for I don’t know where my soul is now.
<p>Tomorrow will always come as long as I am alive.

I would read it, and prbably like it too, if it weren’t for the fact that’s it’s annoying as hell to read something that long with only 10 “.”… (Can’t remember the word for it ^^;:wink:

Periods. And do read it - it’s quite good. Or maybe I have very odd taste, but I’m always right, so of course not. =P Now read it.

Hmm. I wish I could understand poems better, that looks good. I would complain about how it is not split into lines, but as it is, the physical arrangement adds a sense of rushing to the poem that feels appropriate.

This is stream of consciousness, right? It’s really good, very intense, and it flows well from one idea to the next (which I suppose is something you really wanna achieve in stream of consciousness). It’s powerful and bizarre and funny in a dark way. And it goes well with the music I’m listening to! A couple tracks from X (the anime) <.<

Aww- it seems people don’t read my work even when someone with a hot avatar posts it. <_<

Thanks for the comments so far!

And yes, the lack of punctuation is on purpose. I wrote it down the way it is supposed to be written.