Unsure if this goes into technical support forum or not...

I have purchased a digital camera some time ago; and now just realize that every picture I take, the dimensions for it (when uploaded, and opened in paint) is some 2000 pixels by some 1000 pixels. Is there any way to configure my paint program to resize the image to exactly a certain pixel by pixel dimension? Or is there something I can configure with my camera to do said required task?

If you’d like to know my camera model, it’s an HP Photosmart M517. If you want further specs, just ask. But if the question can be answered without knowing the specs, then why bother finding a list/link.


Look what you did! Your very words cause me to subconciously close your threads!

If you want to make it smaller (Which is guess is what you want, since 1000x2000 is humongous) you just need an image-resizing tool. Paint has a function for this (Image->Expand or contract) but I like using more specialized programs simply because it’s less troublesome and it ends smoother. Pix Resizer is pretty handy if all you are looking is a fast clean job and are not interested in more thorough editing.

Now, what I’m wondering, TD, is if my PM kind of persuayed you into unlocking the thread, or if you’re just unlocking it since you locked it for a nonreal reason.

I cannot find the function to resize in paint. I can go to attributes, and change the pixel dimensions for the whole image (the area where the image is located on), but I cannot change the actual image size without manually doing it with the mouse; which is highly innaccurate.

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Well, see, there’s a very simple explanation for that.