Unreal Tournament

I’ve noticed that when I try to run UT in Deathmatch (Tournament Mode), most of the levels are properly loaded, but when I reach a level called Pressure, the game is closed and I get a critical error, basically telling me to increase the free space in the hard drive. The weird thing is, I’ve got 26 GB of free space!
The other game modes seem to be running properly so far, but I don’t understand what’s going on.

Reinstall, then update to the latest version. That’s a software problem.

BTW, Pressure is one of my favorite maps in the whole game. I find the pressure chamber just amusing.

Mine too. Specially because you can teach those Shield Belt abusers a thing or two! “So, you’re invincible… big deal. Just step into the pressure chamber for a little surprise.” SPLAT “Oooh… That’s gotta hurt!”

I once caught three bots inside it :smiley: I regret not having recorded it…

don’t like that level… but i do like the principle of the pressure chamber…

Yea… that level isint too fun at least in instagib… way too much camping in the hallways. Try reinstalling the game like ren said if that doesnt work try having someone send you the map or something.