Unreal Tournament 2004, anyone?

Anyone play? Do we have an RPGC clan? Favorite Weapon? Favorite Map? Anything else related to the game? Let’s discuss it here.

My favorite weapon has got to be the Sniper Rifle. Having someone in your view, saying, “Hey, you have something there.” “Where?” “Right there.” FRAG’D. Maybe the Flak Cannon… stand right behind someone, and ask them, “Hey, you know what’s not fun?” “What?” “FLAKTOTHEFACE!”

Ah, yes, such fun. My favorite map right now is DM-Desert Isle. I don’t know why, but I can play hours on end with that map, even with bots. For ONS, when I’m in the mood, I’d have to say ONS-Icarus, (downloadable map, nice one at that. It’s Bleszinki’s first OWNAGE Map. It was made by the designer who did lots of the official maps, but they couldn’t finish it upon release. It can be found in the Community section.) which includes seperated buildings, vehicles, and ramps. Do the math.

So… anyone else play?

You play on some pretty lame servers if people stop to ask questions.

Not if you have a headset.

What’s the point of stopping to ask people questions before you kill them? You’re giving them that much time to realize you’re THERE.

I would play it, but with this godforsaken error I can’t play it on my comp. I decided not to sell the game to my cousin and instead I’m just playing it on my mum’s comp for now.

Gonna do a reformat in the next coupla weeks anyway.

Well not much. But it gives that feeling of apprehension that they cna’t do a damn thing tos top you.

I think you hear people over the headset regardless of where they are, and since chatter could be a commonality (I havent played it online yet), perhaps they couldn’t take “You know what sucks?” as a hint to your’ presence.

Yeah, it’s basically not very smart to do, but it’s just so much more fun.

Urkani, what kind of error do you get?

It’s fun assuming you can do it. As far as I know (I play on servers where people are pretty damn good) nobody decides to stand completely motionless like an open target.

if the sniper is still as fun as it was in the old UT i’d say that that is my fav weapon… or the super shock rifle (from the 1999 version tho) damn I can still remember my Arena days… good times lie behind me

Mine Layers are pretty damn fun. There’s nothing like throwing 8 spiders down in a hallway and watching the carnage.

Flak cannon all the way baby.

naah flak isn’t all that fun … even tho it has it’s uses… I always found it much more fun to (in the original) to kill flakkers with the gun under button 5(secondary fire odff course (anyone please tell me the name it had… cuz my memory is fuckin with me right now

Link gun.

Flak Gun + Shrapnel = Lots and LOTS of damage. If you hit someone direct on you have a chance to kill them in one hit (I’ve done it before and I wasn’t sure if they were damaged already, but it’s still really effective).


I hate when people complain about snipers as “campers”. Understanding that the point of being a sniper is to sit there and pick people off is the basis for which the “SNIPER GUN” was created.

I know some people actively use the Sniper Rifle as a weapon and run around, cudos (sp?) to you. But when people complain about a valid playing style that involves keeping YOU out of harms way, and allowing you the chance to fuck everyone’s shit up, its viewed as “Cheap”, “Camping”, or in some cases “HACKING! OMFG, LAMER CANT KILL WITHOUT CHEATZ!@@+!@!”

If you can’t beat them then just admit that you arent good enough and stop trying to say they are cheap.

This note wasnt geared at anyone in particular, just the fact that I’ve played way too many FPS online where things like this are ALWAYS the argument of the day.

People should just get better instead of waisting all that time they spend whinning.


Best gun in the game:
Shock Rifle, knowing the shock combo and being able to USE it effectively is more powerful then any other weapon, with the exception of the redeemer.

But then again, the Shock Combo takes alot of skill.

shock rifle best gun? the combo is allright cuz of it’s blast radius but the primary fire itself isn’t all that effective… the redeemer goes way to slow to really do much damage
sniper rifle is and will always be my favorite… Especially in close combat i’m not that much of a person to sit in one spot waiting for the kill(not that I have anything against it)… it’s just great to face a flakker and give death with a headshot… it’s only downside is the long reloading time… if you miss you’re first shot you better start running,

Well technically, the Link gun has the best damage per second when you use the primary fire, which is 165, but that means every shot has to hit, apart from the Biorifle’s secondary fire, but that’s even harder to get a direct shot with (Although a direct shot from a full secondary fire makes such an awesome gibplosion :P). Still, I prefer the Flak Cannon just because I find it so easy to use in close quarters with primary, while I use the flak nade for mid-distance. It’s all personal preference though really.

Placing 8 spiders on your vehicle and driving around the enemy… that’s fun. Watching those little buggers take a flying leap at people always brings a chuckle. Brings also a new meaning to ‘drive by’.

Or, harder to pull off successfully, is placing mines on your vehicle and turning it into a really huge bomb. Mobile Crowd Control…


Me, I’m a Flak monkey all he way. Although I love the minigun and of course, the rocket launcher. 'Course, I often find it hard to hit someone with the Flak Cannon up close ( I tend to overturn when aiming and strafing), which should give you an idea of how good I am.

I suck too much to master the Shock Combo and the Sniper Rifle.