Unreal 2

PCGamer has an Unreal 2 demo on their monthly disc this month, in the Half Life 2 issue, and I must say, it’s pretty damn nice. Pretty short, but it looks great, runs pretty smooth, Id suggest you all check it out.

Haven’t seen the issue… yet…

You should, this issue is great. Absolutly. You’ve got Half Life 2 coverage, an Unreal 2 demo, info on the new Battlefield 1942 addon, and a new WW2 shooter called “Call of Duty”.

The demo is pretty short, it should take you anywhere from 15-40 minutes. You assume the role of an, as of yet unnamed, super cop, who along with his partner, has been assigned to Elara V, a mining facility that has been overrun by alien, and it is your assignment to scout around and find out what has happend. When you get there, you meet up with a Danny Miller (or something), a survivor of the incident holed up in a security room, who communicates with you through cameras located around the outpost. The demo ends with you being trapped in an elevator after being attacked by, what looks like a Skaarj (or at least thats what I think they’re called…) from the first game.

The graphics are excellent, smooth water motion and detailed lighting effects push even the simplest video cards to their best. The game runs quite well on my system (1.6 Ghz Athalon, 512 RAM, GeForce2 MX-400), with only a minimal amount of chop inbetween load times.

Your ship
Some planets in the opening cinema
The carnage
The Aliens

There ya go.

Why do we need another fucking WW2 shooter? Or a WW2 game at all? Personally I think BF1942 covers it.

I dunno, but I edited my post with a writeup of the demo and some screenshots.

If the demo is anything like the UT2003 demo…:kissy:

Which it isn’t, because the UT2003 demo is multiplayer and this is single player, and it’s like, two levels, while I think the UT2003 demo had 3 levels and most of the weapons, while you get 4 weapons out of maybe 10-11 in Unreal 2.

The UT03 demo was single player too; hell, only 1 of the (insert really big number here) games I played of the UT03 demo were online.

Yeah, I’m a geek…:ulty:

Uh…no it wasnt, unless there were two demos, a single player and a multiplayer, which is entirely possible.

I had the multiplayer demo.

Then there musta been two demos. Or you never noticed the single player and just played multiplayer.

Or do you mean the campaigns? I meant “Instant Battles” as single players, if that caused confusion?

No, I mean multiplayer. I know the difference ;p

Well, the demo I had allowed me to play Instant Battles against bots. Yours didn’t?

I dont think so, but then again, I haven’t played it in forever.

Did your demo not let you play online?

No, I was able to play one game online, but I figured why bother, so that was the only one.