if you have not heard DJ Dangermouse’s unauthorized mix of Jay-Z’s Black Album and The Beatles White Album, and you at all like music, you must download and listen to it. One of the best albums in recent years and such a great merging of two already-excellent pieces.

Whenever a song comes up in my random playlist I tend to turn off random and play the whole album :stuck_out_tongue: Only Wolf Parade’s first album shares the same power at the moment.

It’s okay. Everyone I know that knows about it makes a really huge deal about it. “oh check out how they mixed THESE two songs!! Isn’t it cool!?” Yeah, it’s alright.

People who don’t like rap (or Jay-Z) might be appalled by the fact that his songs are used in the same mix as a Beatles song - I really don’t care that much. I just don’t think it’s nearly as amazing as everyone else. I just would rather hear the songs not mixed.

If you got girl problems I feel sorry for ya, son! I got 99 Problems, but a bitch ain’t one!

see, while I find the lyrics to the Black Album to be awesome, a lot of the accompaniment sounds kind of dated and underwhelming. Which is why I love how it’s combined with The White Album. Nothing beats Jay-Z rapping over the guitar solo from “while my guitar gently weeps”

Isn’t it weird that the far newer album feels dated?

By the way it’s the gray album. If you don’t call it this way, a man in a far away land will kill a puppy.

What I think beats it is Jay-Z not rapping over the guitar solo from “while my guitar gently weeps.” I love that song. The only thing that beats that song is well…that song, but with this guy http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=829401773913198414 playing it on a ukulele.

Its just a desicrative publicity stunt of lazyness, and lack of inspiration.

You probably have no idea how difficult it is to do that, then.

If so, then why would I post? Ive done things like that thousands of times. Listening to a song I like, me and my friends add new parts to it with drums, guitar and singing. We just do it for fun though, its not too hard.

What you’re talking about is completely different from mixing two songs into each other well. I add new parts to songs all the time; that’s not what’s going on here.s

ohh kk,. In that case its usually hard to find two random songs that fit together.

If I (or any sensible man) were king, the perpetrator of this hideous act would be drawn and quartered.

It’s like combining Da The Vinci Code into Hamlet.

you obviously have no respect for Jay-Z.

you should at least listen to the album, if you haven’t.

To compare the White Album to Hamlet is like comparing Star Wars to Waiting for Godot.

Assuming Jay-Z’s album isn’t strewn with horrible novelty songs, he did better than the Beatles. This is being said by someone who does not like Jay-Z and likes much of the Beatles’ work.

Note that I didn’t compare the white album to Hamlet, I merely (using the magic of words) compared their two analogous situations. Anyway, there’s nothing I value as any closer to the works of Shakespeare than the works of the Beatles. The one thing I can imagine that may be worse than the “Grey Album” would be JZ occupying the same page as the Prince of Denmark.

Or perhaps A Hard Day’s Cocksure Strutting. :noway:

Assuming Jay-Z’s album isn’t strewn with horrible novelty songs, he did better than the Beatles. This is being said by someone who does not like Jay-Z and likes much of the Beatles’ work.

And here I thought all rap was novelty songs.

Who in the world listens to rap songs the way I listened a few days ago to “Julia” (that’s the white album) for two hours on repeat-one?

That’s right. May the Force be with the perpetrator of such an act.

A lot more people than those that would listen to Julia for two hours straight, that’s for damn sure.

I wouldn’t listen to any song two hours straight. “Julia” is a… good song, but certainly not a choice pick in the White Album when you’ve got “While My Guitar Gently Weeps,” “Revolution 9,” (when I’m in the mood) and “Happiness is a Warm Gun” on it. Of course, my big beef with the White Album is not any of those songs, but songs like “Why Don’t We Do It In The Road,” “Don’t Pass Me By,” and that most overrated song “Everybody’s Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey.” Novelty songs and just plain terrible songs are fine in small doses, but the White Album is littered with FILLER. A two disc album loaded with filler? Gee, I think I’ll pass that up.

Anyone who listens to popular radio…

And listening to a song for two hours straight? Fuck, I would have thought you would have had a lot more music to listen to than that. I think that’s a waste of time, you’re just going to get sick of the song eventually.

Back to the original topic: it sounds like an interesting idea, although I can’t promise I’ll spend the time to check it out…

Re: Rountree

Strawberry Fields Forever is far and away the overratedest song by the Beatles.

Re: SG

I’ve never heard of anyone in my life listening to a rap piece for hours on end.

Unless of course you have the insight of

(Re:) Gila Monster,

who has proposed that contemporary rap pieces are indistinquishable from eachother, a proposition I find myself agreeing with. Of course, usually on the radio stations, they play the new rap hit once every hour or so, not exactly back-to-back. And of course, because they’re all “novelty” songs, every new rap hit introduces a fleeting new gimmick like a whistle or a click here or there, not to mention a new low in public decency. When the Beatles got risque, they had the skill sound poetic about it, in keeping with classical artistic heritage.

Where does “lick the lollipop” fall?

Where’s the gain of overdubbing some of the best songs ever written with some brusque, pseudo-metrical macho posturing? I just don’t understand the urge.

Although I enjoy “Strawberry Fields Forever,” I can agree with you that it is OVER overrated.