Unofficial Chrono Trigger 2!!

Hey, guys. I haven’t posted here in a while but I remember the forums are fun stuff 'round this her neck of the woods.

So I’d like to present my team’s project and site to you all:

The project is looking promising, and although the forums are less than a week old there’s already 25 members. It’s fun, so I’d like it if you’d check it out! Any input on story/website/graphics/enemies is welcome on the boards, as well as constructive critisism! So take a look! :runaway:

EDIT: The new link is

Anything related to Chrono has my attention. Especially a possible sequel.

Hehe, it’s not a possible. We’ve been working hard the last month to make this a sure shot. Although only about 15% done, it’s looking mighty fine. :yipee:

Go ahead and sign up for the forums and post a hi! =)

If you still haven’t considered it, please come and visit the site! We’re looking to make our forums a little bit more active and to spread the word of the game.


I’m a bit skeptical because the “2” in “Chrono Trigger 2” seems to be (badly) pasted on and the site has broken links in some of its major sections.

Don’t quit your dayjobs.


You’re 17% in and have nothing to show for it? Media please - screen shots, demo clips, anything. Hell, I’d even take concept art.

The only credible thing on the site is the Link section and its urls…

I can’t believe nobody’s said this yet.

Chrono Trigger “2” = Chrono Cross. -.-;

Just watched the video of the battle, and I agree with sorc. It looks bad. I mean really bad. It looks like you didn’t even bother to clip the sprites right.

Nah CC was Cross, and was much different, despite the cause and effect the two had. Trigger and Cross differ, cuz um, well time and dimension. Not direct sequels.

Disagree. The events in Trigger have a direct connection and effect on those in Cross. Just because they take place in different times and places doesn’t make it less of a sequel.

They have some <a href=“”>really shitty screenshots</a> like this one:

<div align=“center”><img src=“”></div>

In fact, the only good screenshot (the 1000 AD overworld map) isn’t theirs, it’s a picture they took from a different site. Look at the URLs of it.

Then besides that, they have a shittastic <a href=“”>Battle System Demo</a> which is just them showing off the default RM2K3 sideways battle system, with shitty sprites and framerate and which consists of nothing but them mashing the fight button until Gato dies. So yeah.

EDIT: Wait, you wanted constructive criticism. Ok, hang on. First of all, stick with one graphics style, don’t mix and match them. Also, if you’re going with normal CT sprites get rid of the default chipsets, they don’t match.

Then, don’t yell about your new and innovative battle system when it’s just the default RM2K3 thing, jesus :stuck_out_tongue:

When ripping sprites and backgrounds, make sure you don’t save them as a 16 color .gif because the results are crap, as shown. Instead, rip them as full colour .bmps and either use that or convert them to .png.

Also, battle demos generally have the window up long enough for people to see the battle options, and don’t just consist of you hitting the fight command over and over again while an enemy without any actions just sits there.

And last but not least, you might want to get some people who actually know what they’re doing.

I never intended to say that. What I meant was, Chrono Cross was NEVER a “Chrono Trigger 2”. Look at their names. See the differences? They were linked, but they were seperate games. I don’t think of CC as a CT 2, just because of the theme, as I noted. Time and dimension. CT’s story was time, CC’s was dimension. Meaning, CC is so not a CT 2. It never was.

I’m pretty sure it’s a sequel in terms of plot (it takes place 30 years after the events of CT), and by your logic, Zelda: A Link To The Past wasn’t a sequel to Zelda: Ocarina of Time, because they take place in different timezones and have a different theme (light/dark world versus timetravel.)

I;m not saying CC isn’t a sequel! I’m saying it’s wrong to think CC as a CT:2. It’s not Chrono Trigger the Second. it doesn’t have any time era travel whatsoever. It’s different. It may take place 20 years after CT, and yes, by all means it’s a sequel but it’s not a Chrono Trigger 2. It has different characters, and different ways to travel. Of course it’s heavily influenced (and heavily influences) by Chrono Trigger, Im not denying that, but it’s not Chrono Trigger the Second.

It’s like a bad fanfic in game form! And that says a lot coming from me as I can’t even stand good fanfics.

Care to give your definition of FFX-2, then? It’s in all means a direct sequel, but has substantial gameplay and plot differences. How would that play out for you?

I was able to see the battle commands, which were “Fight”, “Skill”, “Blessing”, and “Defend”…

…which are RM2K3’s default “main hero” commands. -_-

Yeah, I saw it as well but it cost me considerable effort :stuck_out_tongue: