Unknown planet in the sky...???

Alright. I took these pictures in Jasper, on Saturday. I have no clue what time but this is really confusing. If you look in the upper-left hand corner, you’ll see a planet. I don’t know if it’s the moon, or Mars, but this is scaring the crap out of me…

M-A-R-S, Mars bitches.

Mars is in a place in its orbit now where it is closer to Earth than it has been in hundreds of years.

Thats why it looks different.

I figured that it was, but it was on the other side of Earth when I took this picture…

It must be some known planet.

How do you know that?

It’s the moon.

Because it’s only on our side of Earth at night.

Check this website warning- loads slowly


53o34’ N
113o31’ W


Maybe it was the moon, I don’t know.

Maybe it was the aliens.

Aliens?? Okay. Now you’re just trying to scare me. :slight_smile:

It’s Parallel Earth. It looks exactly like our planet, but like, everything is backwards there.

Like, the men get pregnant, for example.

Looks like a fleck of dust on the camera lens or lensflare, actually…

Its the moon you numbskulls.

Trillian, it isn’t the white speck- it’s the red thing behind it…

It’s the moon. Sometimes, the moon gets illuminated red. Sometimes, gasp, the moon can be seen during the day. It’s part of the lunar cycle (well, the day is. Dunno what causes the red).

There is NO way it can be Mars. Have you ever actually looked at Mars at night? It’s a red dot that’s just a bit bigger than all the stars. It’s nowhere NEAR that big.


Is there more than one picture? did you actually see it with your eyes? If it is only in the one picture and you didn’t see it at the time, it’s just a visual artifact from the camera. Dust or lens flare or something. If it actually was there, it is obviously the moon, since nothing else in the sky is nearly that big.

Just kidding, it was definitely the death star, it must have briefly uncloaked.

It looks a bit too big to be the moon, at least three times the normal size and red. It’s just a light reflection on the lens.

Or it’s a fully operational battle station.

Many things can make the moon look larger, he could have zoomed in or it could be that you have trees there as a reference. The moon and sun always appears larger by the horizon, it’s a really cool optical illusion. Though I highly reccomend not looking at the sun unless you have the proper strength of welding glass.


Saturday was closing in on the new moon, or even the the day of new moon, not sure wich. The Moon was on the proper side of the earth to take that picture, I would be worried id it was a night time shot. And if it were Mars it would be in the news, because even with Mars at Perihelion and Earth at Aphelion and at opposition (the absolute closete we can get to Mars on Earth) it would still be a tiny red dot to the naked eye.

There’s a rumor going around. You might have heard it at a 4th of July BBQ or family get-together. More likely you’ve read it on the Internet. It goes like this:

“The Red Planet is about to be spectacular.”

“Earth is catching up with Mars [for] the closest approach between the two planets in recorded history.”

“On August 27th … Mars will look as large as the full moon.”


Those are snippets from a widely-circulated email. Only the first sentence is true. The Red Planet is about to be spectacular. The rest is a hoax.

Here are the facts: Earth and Mars are converging for a close encounter this year on October 30th at 0319 Universal Time. Distance: 69 million kilometers. To the unaided eye, Mars will look like a bright red star, a pinprick of light, certainly not as wide as the full Moon.


That’s no moon … it’s a space station.