Unix homework!

Firstly: how do I find the location of the “alias” command, built into the BASH shell?

Secondly: how do I determine the percentage of disk space used in the root directory and how many MB that is?

Are these pages of help?

Um … not particularly. The first one doesn’t seem to have what I’m looking for, the search results in the second one for “disk space” are almosts entirely “software you can download” and is bloody hard to navigate otherwise, and I’m not even going to comment on the last one. I’m getting credit for specific answers, not “here’s a website if you want to know about unix.”

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man du
man df

And for the first question: “which alias”

Doesn’t work. It’s built into the shell, and there’s no stand-alone version.

Ah well, I’ll just go with that. (Got help in the Linux channel on MUS*H.)

Try “locate alias” then.

Updatedb first.