Uninstall help...

How do i uninstall internet explorer (i want to install an older version but it wont let me unless the newer version is gone)

Go to Start>Settings>Control Panel>Add remove programs>Add or remove windows components>IE

Sometimes you cant remove it, you just have to degrade it to its lowest version, change the settings so its not your default browser than use the new browser you are putting on.

Why are you putting on an older version? Why not put on a better browser such as Mozilla firebird?

No animations are playing so i wanted to downgrade to see if it works (:hahaha; :mwahaha: gif animations dont work) its annoying because kid radd is a kikass webcomic but i cant see the animation anymore.

You can’t. IE is hard coded into Windows. Removing the component will only hide all the links to it and remove it from default software.

I’d recommend getting another browser instead. Mozilla is my personal favorite

Ya thx :stuck_out_tongue: just installed mozilla, its handy for browsing multiple forums.

I personally dig Opera and have been using it for over a year =)

I had some odd problem with opera…I have no idea what was wrong, and i just got a blank error box…Everyone raves about it and i cant use it >_<

Instead of using Mozilla, I reccomend you use Mozilla Firebird. It doesn’t tag along all the silly features you probably don’t want: Email client, chat client, and the like.