Underwater Ray Romano Patch Released

Or for the more gifted in tongue dexterity: Utawarerumono.

An H-Game/VisualNovel/SRPG hybrid of which most of you probably saw the anime. Visual Novel part seems interesting enough, SRPG part is passable at best and as for the H-Game part, I have seen something like a half-covered thigh even though I’m eight missions in. Love the music though. Good enough to waste some time on.

That said, only play in Hard 3 right off the bat if you’ve got a lot of patience. I’ve been stuck at Mission 8 for a couple hours because I refuse to go at easier levels.

This is based off a friggin’ game too? D:

Did you just butcher the Japanese name of the game to get this thread’s title? It took me a full 30 seconds to understand what the hell you were talking about.

Seriously, guy. Up until today I could rest easily knowing that no one can slaughter a language like the Japanese slaughter English. Now I’m beginning to question that.

You’ve never watched any Animutations, have you, Kero? “TV says, donus are high in fat, kazoo … Found a hobo in my room …”

Oh, right… that’s just like the Yatta flash. Probably the same guy/group that does it. Can’t believe I forgot about that. For some reason, I never thought of that as butchering the language, though. It’s more like exposing the silliness and insanity that are part of Japanese culture.