Dammit, they stole my idea!

w00t breast scarves!

X2K Wins


Like X, I refuse to believe in the actual existance of such things.

Well, Val, since they’re not real… why don’t YOU make them real? We can put one on Sin… since he wants to dress up as a woman for Halloween. :stuck_out_tongue:

And while we’re on the topic, does anyone actually find those pictures attractive? It looks disgusting to me v.v

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You didn’t happen to read right in the article on Ebaums World that IT SAYS THEY’RE NOT REAL?

Bah, you don’t need snopes to see those are EXTREMELY Photoshopped.

Losers with an untrained eye wouldnt notice how badly done this pic is!

Those were fake, but these thingies are real:


Okay, that’s freaky, gives a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘stick of butter’, although I wouldn’t mind a Chopstick-fan.

I don’t remember exactly where I saw this, but there’s some catalog full of stuff like that last site. The idea is that you create a potentially useful but ultimately impractical invention and let them know. If the creation does become widly distributed, they take it out of the catalog. And I use the word catalog loosely, they don’t sell the items I don’t think.

Yeah, I remember it too.

Hey, does anybody remember that japanese dude who invented the ‘invisible’ cloth? The stuff actually works, the guy even showed his invisible coat. Actually, it was more like ‘transparent green’, but you could see through him. The coat could project images on its surface. It got data from cameras in the guy’s other clothes and projected what the cameras got on its own surface, creating the illusion of invisibility. Kinda neat.

edit: a link

I’ve seen other photos. He made objects that were ‘colored-transparent’, enhanced versions of the technology he developed.

Japanese are still freaky, despite this not being true. But at least this means they aren’t as perverted as I feared they might be.

Have a real one:

Welcome to Fucking Austria!

Snopes again, but amusing nonetheless.

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[b]Have a real one:

Welcome to Fucking Austria!

Snopes again, but amusing nonetheless. [/b]

Norway has a place called Hell.

Aren’t languages fun? They give place names meanings.

There’s a Hell in Michigan, too.

EDIT: Maybe it’s “Helle”

Still pronounced Hell, though.

I’ve been meaning to go to VIA Rail and ask for a one-way ticket to Hell.