UN gave out an alert about 800 terrorists ready to bomb out turistical sites

Reuters. Clicka.

That Al-Suquf news seemed like a “SUm of All Fears” based hoax, but this time it comes from the UN.

just a little quote:

Thailand had recently arrested suspected militants in possession of the radioactive material cesium, he said.

“If they had mixed this with any kind of explosive, that would have produced one of those famous ‘dirty bombs’ the Americans are so afraid of,” he added.

I’m not worried, but they said those terrorists are after touristical sites, and I live in a city that thrives in tourism… I’m a target too >_<

Sigh…our city is going to be attacked…again…puts on Met Hat

Hey, it worked for Merlin…

Isn’t it sad, and sort of dissapointing: How there exist humans that view the suffering and pain of other humans as the greatest enjoyment of all?

Like the marchee of Sade and all sadistic persons nowadays? Well, masochysts compensate the wigths of this balance by taking pleasure on suffering.

Back to topic: I’m getting tired of terrorism alerts with no action. I think this is just another excuse for war.