Umm... Errr... Ads?

Ummm… Yeah… I’m looking JUST at the Agora and have been doing so continuously for about 10 minutes and just got this pop up…

Did it happen when you got into a thread? Maybe someone put some html coding that activated the popup in a post.

Oh My Rast! If you can handle staring at the Agora for ten minutes you win a DVD Player.

YOU’VE GOT <strike>MAIL</strike>SPYWARE!

It either happened when I was looking at the main forum page with all the forums listed or while in the main page of the main forum.

Get it, it’ll get rid of the spywear. And you do have spywear Cala.

Unless WinMX or WinAmp has spywear, I dunno where I would’ve gotten it… Hrm…

Installs unknown items & advertisement popups on your system.

That’s probably the one that did it, not sure where it is (I deselected it by accident)… All of them are red, but some of them (like WildTangent .dll) don’t seem bad. What should I do?

And it says BackWeb comes with Compaq and HP comps (I got HP) and I dunno if to delete that or ignore it. Help?

Personally I would fix them all, just hit the fix selected problems button, you can get something back if you need to at some later point.

it can only be attributable, to human error.

Just blame TD and be done with it.

Ad-aware is also good, and less prone to crashing (which I find that S&D does.)

<img src=“”> I’m in your computers.

Oh yeah, hey TD. Please stop chewing through my wiring.