Um... should I be concerned?

I mean, yes, it’s just a missile.

But it could be a really BIG missile for all we know.

NK is such an embarrassing country to read about. They have no poise as a nation whatsoever. Good lord. The states may be a nation of rich, retarded gluttons, but no one in a position of power should ever throw ridiculous threats around like that. This is why the rest of the world doesn’t take you seriously.

What’s absurd about this is that it takes them so long to get a missile set up and the missiles are so large that to even think that if the US were actively at war with North Korea, that it would be impossible for it to ever get off the ground. The people that have to worry are the Japanese and South Koreans.

I agree with Sinistral, I’m more worried about being tangled in a(nother) foreign affair, except that in the event Japan is attacked, the USA is entitled to protect them because of the treaty signed after WWII, and we have troops stationed in South Korea. I’m not afraid of North Korea hitting US shores with any kind of missle, but the corner we would back Kim Jong Il into if we went to war with him could cause him to do anything.

I honestly don’t think North Korea would be very difficult to take down were there an actual armed conflict. The massively superior US military would crush them with the same intensity the koreans have been frantically flailing about. The bigger problem isn’t the war, but the fallout. If NK falls, SK and China will have a humanitarian disaster combined with a West Germany style social reintegration program. It will take decades if not longer to fix the country.