Um ok... Newborn gets named....

Sephiroth ?!

That’s just sad, really :frowning: WTF is wrong with people these days ?

well the baby does have sepheroths beady little eyes filled with evil intentions. :moogle:

Maybe you already know, but I’ ve also read about a baby being called Turok.

These kids will “love” their parents by the time they get in school <.< >.>

The company, as promotion for their game, offered to pay any family who would name their child ‘Turok,’ 10,000 dollars. So there are a lot of children named Turok.

EDIT: On the bright side, it’s better than Kefka.


…okay…that ain’t right. Seriously.

Holy weirdass geeky names Batman! This beats the guy who changed his name to Optimus Prime.

LOL. :hahaha;

Dude! I wanna change my name to MEGATRON now!

Ahaha his parents are nerds lolz

That’s grounds for castrating the parents (as a preventative measure, natch) if ever there was one.

I thought about naming a daughter “Lufia” or “Rydia” before, but that’s why there’d be a wife involved, to prevent me from doing things like this. Sephiroth, though, that’s just way outta line.

Well, the kid sure as hell will hate them for it later (although he’ll probably go though a stage of “DAMN my name is cool!” as well), but I wonder if the <i>parents</i> are going to regret it in a few years.

I think Rydia is a pretty name for a girl.

You never know, he might like being different.

Or he might grow up to hate video games.

Better than having just another Bill or Charlie.

Meh. I’ve seen worse, at least Sepiroth is possible to pronounce.


Well, if I remember correctly, there is a Sephiroth is in the Bible.