In case anyone cares,Hi,I’m new,I found this site while on google looking for rpg forums,And I found this

Hi, and the Main Forum is used for intro threads just for future reference.


I did it too, well not for intro, i didnt introduce myself. Welcome, hope you have a good time.

Yeah, this is a nice forum

Welcome to Agora.Rpgclassics. I’m your host Drew Carrey.

Did I mention that this is probably the weirdest message board you’ll ever live to see?

So far what I’ve seen is nothing conmpared to some message boards I know of ;|

greetings Darkstar. please enjoy my welcome dance.

:moogle: Isn’t darkstar starfires sister?

Where’d you get your username from? The truck/board company? :OOO please say yes.

It’s nice because it’s a small, closed in community. But there’s some activity


If your talking about skateing,Yes,That is where I got it,that’s what kind of board I have. bows to welcoming dance

Cool :cool:

It’ll be ok. Just keep thinking wide open spaces.

Hi, have fun while you’re here. ^^

: Mr. Waving Smilie says ‘You look like me!’

hey, welcome! enjoy your stay. (Holy crap i sound like hotel greeter)