Um ... d'oh

Okay … It was the first day of my first job – board operator for the Vermont based Q106. I was driving along there (and making fun of some of the signs I saw along the way, i.e. “Low Flying Aircraft … what, do they fly low enough that if your car’s too big they might hit you??”), but then all of a sudden my car suddenly decided to skid and bounce off the guardrail on the right-hand side of the road and then skid to a halt facing the other way. It was still driveable, though the front-right lights are kaput, but the cell phone died after two calls, so that sucked. The work went well – it consisted entirely of the guy doing all the work and telling me and this other guy who was there what we were doing – but when I started coming home, it sounded like something was wrong in the engine, and the car wasn’t going as fast, and someone who was escorting me home (in case of further emergencies) said that the exhaust was starting to puff out black smoke. It’s only gone up from there, really, though we’ll DEFINITELY have some later complications. I don’t really know why I’m writing this here, it’s just something I’m doing.

When I worked in a company for the first time in my life my father said people who work their first day and end up not needing an aspirin by then are lucky. So I hope you didn’t need any aspirin today.

And the moral of the story is: Don’t make fun of sings. They have mystic powers with which to make you regret it.
Sign voodoo magic!

What car do you have?

Man, that sucks. Sorry to hear that. My dad’s car also recently had a few problems, which made the lights blink on and off. At least your’ work went well.

Nah, I won’t need aspirin. And I guess I am lucky, all things considered. And just for good measure, we rented Volume B of the Slayers DVD set, and last night it wasn’t working, so Dad took it back to the store, and the guy put it in the DVD polishing thingy, and we watched it, and now it works. We got to see the defeat of Shabranigdo!