some may know how I pushed the movie Equilibrium on a lot of people, and got lots of people to like it through showing it off. Anyway, the writer/director of that has a new movie coming out, czech it out:


flaming swords!

I’ve seen trailers for this, and I think it looks good.

On a side note, was Equilibrium the one with Gun-Fu?


I hope to god this movie’s actually good.
Jovovich can’t deliver a chilling narration to save her life.

she tends to deliver them very detached and laconically. It’s an interesting way.

Meh… her voice just isn’t good for detached.

I guess all those years Milla Jovovich spent doing B action movies may finally pay off.

I thought Equilibrium sucked ass.

The acting was mediocre at best.

The whole Gun-Fu thing was lame, and complete bullshit.

And the plot was a complete ripoff. A society whose emotions are controlled by a drug given to people by the government? Brave New World anyone?

I also didn’t think Equilibrium was what it was cracked up to be. It was just an action movie using a long-established plot device - totalitarian society that keeps control by squashing people’s emotions. It didn’t even examine that idea in any kind of depth either.

On the other hand, speaking of Milla Jovovich, I actually kind of liked Resident Evil…

It reminds me of aeon flux with the whole “Im a unstopable chic that kicks ass.” So i will probably wait for DVD.

Someone got a bigger budget.

it’s actually less budgeted than Equilibrium.

Really? That’s surprising, I saw a distinct lack of dark room shootout scenes.

And here I thought Merl had discovered the TV series “Ultraviolet”

Foiled again.

“Unstoppable martial arts chick, with randomized bullet time” … Where have I seen this before? Let’s see, Trinity, Aeon Flux, just about any female lead in an anime involving martial a-- WAIT, IS THAT THE “TRAILING BULLET BLUR” FROM MATRIX BULLET TIME!?

Eh. I’ll give this a whirl.

Looks good, might see it.

You’d think governments would learn to stop putting all their funding and research into making a volatile big-breasted woman their ultimate weapon


I dunno, might go see it. Haven’t seen any movies in a while, so eh.

PMS hormonal control is the ultimate weapon when combined with Morph Ball technology.

Think about it.

But Milla Jovovich has small breasts.

But milla’s endowed like a 12 year old.