Ultima IV


Please give it a look-see.

Just a quickie -altars, not alters.

He’s using th tags and multiple cells for the description on the castles page, this look weird. Many other pages also do this, if you want a list use a bulleted list. (http://www.w3schools.com/tags/tag_ul.asp)

Some tables have extra diving cells in it that aren’t really needed.

I say this for every shrine, but tables don’t need to be 100% width, center them and cut it back a little bit to give some spacing on either side.

Browser Titlebar titles need to be ‘game name - page title’

If all the tables on a page have the same columns (monster list for example) try to line up the columns. Percentage width works well for this.

Could probably make a nice little horizontal table for the
links that are on some of the pages so it looks better then text and dashes.

The title ‘Icons’ in the tables on the map page should just be ‘Icon’.

Otherwise it looks good, these issues are mostly cosmetic.

Finally got the internet on my computer with all the files on it (still dial-up, though using People PC with Level 5 acceleration does help). Okey dokey now…

Just finished doing all those suggestive changes to the site, uploaded & published the pages all in one swoop. And it’s… wow… 5 in the morning… um, okay then. Have a look see and tell me if I’ve gotten it all. I’m kinda, yeah, right now so I prolly won’t get back until afternoon/evening’ish when I’m ‘awake’.

Yeah you got most of them, a few small things you missed:
-Still using header tags for the descriptions on the character page
-You could probably use the same horizontal table setup for the three links at the top of the Statistics page.
-Still need to update the page title that shows up in the browser title bar to include the name of the game for the Statistics page (I think you may have just overlooked this page when you fixed the other ones)
-You left two dashes after the SPIRITUALITY link on the Virtues page.
-You misses resizing the table on the DUNGEON OF VALOR - DESTARD page.

And some stuff I missed when I was looking through it yesterday:
-The title of the Thanks to page is ‘Shrine Page’
-In the Castle Britannia description you refer to it as Castle Britain at one point in the description.
-Would it be possible to give what combinations during character creation will get you a specific character type? You’d probably want to make a seperate page for this and link from both the walkthrough and the characters page because if you use a big table like you did for the paladin example it would be a pretty large page.
-You might want to say to refer to the Dungeons page in your little blurb about non-linear gameplay on the walkthrough page and give a link.
-Also, since I never played this, I really don’t know how the gameplay works, it could be nice to give a little how to play thing somewhere.

Good job though, it looks really good.

I noticed that I couldn’t find information about

Who can use which spells?
Who starts with what spell?
I also think that you could show the statistical differences between weapons and armors.
And (I’m not sure if Rinn had covered this before but I’ll say it anyway) it might help to show the various statistics for the Avatar version of each class.

Other than that I don’t see any wrong with it. (though the shrine does cover alot of ground so I might have missed something)

Okay, changes have been made.

*I made a note on the spells page that all characters can use all spells scribed as long as they have mp & reagents.

*In reference to the stat difference between weapons & armor… the game, nor the book makes a reference to the stats of each weapon or armor, it’s just assumed that the more expensive, the better (at least, that’s how I see it).

*And about the avatar thing… There is no difference in avatar status between each class. All the avatar status does is give you 99 mp, lets you use the avatar gear & let you enter the abyss to beat the game.

Just let me know if there’s other things that I’ve still missed and I’ll get it fixed ASAP.

Looks good, the only thing I see is you forgot to make the table of character classes on the character creation page links.

Oh, I just noticed on the Game Genie page you write “The codes above where created by Galoob©” and “The codes above where created by me (SabKnght)” the ‘where’ should be ‘were’ in those two sentences.

Okay, that’s done too.

Wow… I’m usually a lot better with my spelling than that, I almost didn’t see that.

Okay, just found a few more errors that I missed when going over the whole site again… I think I just about got them all now. When whoever isn’t busy can please give it another look over to check it whenever they have time.

The only thing I really notice is that the “Virtuous Dungeons” and “Other Dungeons” titles could use a line break between them and the tables below. Also the same with the “Normal Items” and “Quest Items” titles on the items page (these also don’t match the rest of the titles used throughout the shrine).

Also maybe center the thanks to table, but that’s about it.

OK, just finished those changes. Also, fixed a few spelling errors, took out some un-needed divider cells in some of the tables, fixed the browser bar title on a few pages and fixed links for some of the pictures.

Rinn, by ‘line break’, did you mean use the horizon line break option that actual puts a separator line between the title & tables… or did you mean put a space between them? I’ve never used that line break option thing before on my other shrine so I’m just asking if that’s what you meant.

No just a space.

Okay, went back and took those line breaks out and put just spaces between them. I also did it for the ‘Equipment’ page because it has the same page layout as the Items page so it looks just a little bit better (I also added info for the buying/selling of shopping that I forgot to add).


Here’s my RPV-Triangles to classify the characters in Ultima 3 and Ultima 4 according to Strength, White Magic and Black Magic. You can also see the corresponding characters in these two games.

How about them?



About spells:

In this videogame MPs are less important than GPs!

This is because MPs are quickly replenished just by walking, but you need GPs to buy reagents.

It would be useful to stat the total cost for the reagents of every spell, and sort them by reagent cost.

I also divided them in three groups: “Peace spells” that can be used outside battle, “Attack spells”, and “Defense spells”.

See attachment.



Hey! Pretty cool stuff! I have never played the Ultima games but I love stuff like this with Class and spell tables and such. Must be the old D&D player in me.

Oh and BTW welcome to the Boards! :slight_smile:

Nice euroflag, too.

Brings tears to my eyes, this and Ultima 5 were the first RPGs that I’ve played!