UK's PSP release Soon..

Ok, I’m am Tempted/forced to go and Buy a PSP this “Quarter” (Offical Launch 00:01 AM 1st Sept (Not enough to buy on the night)). Are there any games over in the US which may make it over to the UK soon after Launch. I’m not a great Racing fan. But having GT4:Moblie when it comes out I try to buy. I don’t wan’t GTA… I never got hold of the 3d games… Current UK Launch Titles I’ve considerd are “Everybody Golf” and Tony Hawks…

The UK’s DS range is Very small. They manly contain Movie Tie-ins, or 1st day games. I think the ONLY UK “RPG” is Another Code: Two Memories. I don’t have A DS either but I know it Plays GBA Games.

How much I bet the first batch of PSP in Europe will be doing this?

To advoid debt, I will Miss the First batch, By a week… Other than RPG’s, I partulary Like Tatical Games (RTS or SRPG) and some of the better Hack/Slash games. (Kingdom Hearts turned me on to Devil May Cry…)

More Fun Golf/Tennis Games, are ok.

If you do think That I’d be wasting Money getting a PSP or a DS this Early. What Games for GBA you think I should get. I’m planning to get X-box-360 April 06…

Don’t buy one if it is going to have firmware 2.0

'nuff said.

The PSP itself sucks, but the ability to play games for free, and run emulators and homebrew make it worth the high price. Without those features, i never would have kept mine.

Does that Mean I could make Debs Read out Archie’s Lines from That Ship scene? or Prove that why I kick Ass on TOS under 30 Secs? TOP- Snes Emularer along with those?