Ukraine's Got Talent!

Talent to FAIL.

I thought the America/Canada stuff could get dumb sometime, but, wow…just…wow.

No words can describe just how RETARDED that was, even if it was not staged, it’s just…DAMN THAT’S DUMB.

note to self: am not william tell

I’m calling it before anyone else does:


This why they need Simon Cowell, they’d have been buzzed a long time before they got their ‘grand finale’.

That was pretty stupid. Though it could be fake considering how bad their little demo was right before. It could be to make people think the guy would actually screw it up and kill his partner. If not, its a darwin award.

could be fake?

Guuuullible people on these forums.

Faking an accidental murder on television is a rather unusual occurance. But it seems fake, the music timing and the fact the video was released points in that direction.

Still stupid.

I thought it looked like their own set they made in their basement with shots of judges Movie Maker’ed between shots of them.

I’d say it’s kinda obviously fake.

Gonna have to go with Hades on this one.

I’d say it’s either a prank or a viral ad for that energy drink they zoomed in on really suspiciously.


(You can tell by the arrow’s feather spontaneously changing color between the shot and the guy falling back.)

Yes, дуже дякою. Not sure about performers/artists, except my ex-neighbors and my potential ex-girlfriends; but some really talented, creative accountants hail from Ukraine.

Of course it’s fake. Obviously there are no TVs in Ukraine!