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I need some help in a game called Lunar: The Silver Star (Sega CD) I’m in Iluk, I got the Rain Cloud but the inventor in the northeast house just keeps saying if I’ve heard of Myght and that he’s his mentor, I talk to him a second time and he says “The flying machine will be finished very soon, do you still want to fly it?” and after I talk to him again, he just keeps saying it over and over, I’ve tried going to the desert but all I fight are Death Worms, nothing else. Do I need to see him say he needs the root, or are the Man Eating Plants rare to fight?

Anyone who still remembers this game, please help me…

I’d Take A look here First: http://www.rpgclassics.com/shrines/sega_cd/ltss/

Gamefaqs.com should help too

I’ve never played this game or own a Sega CD.

I have this same problem now, and if anyone knows anything i would appreciate help…

This thread is from 2005. Don’t necropost.

This time it’s kinda valid cause no one was able to answer this question :o

Here’s what I did for those of you still interested in knowing. When I first got to the area I went to Iluk and did the usual purchasing equipment and info gathering. There are only three houses in Iluk the first is inhabited by an old man and lots of stuff like a giant picture and so on. The second house directly behind the first is inhabited by the inventor. The final house to the left of the second and behind the shop is inhabited by a guy pretending to be Damon.

Next head to Reza and talk to everybody there. This should include Lakie, the Dancer Lily, the guardian to both her and the bazaar, her Grandpa the leader of the Thieves’ Guild, and everyone within the Bazaar.

At this point I went to the final town in the area Meryod and did everything of interest like falling into the river (and the subsequent regrouping), upgrading equipment, and talking to everyone.

Now at some point during those last two paragraphs I talked to someone who directed me to the guy in Iluk who’s building a crazy contraption (i.e. the balloon). When I returned to Iluk I first talked to the guy in the first house who remembered that the item he lost was the bottled rain which I had (I then talked to him again and he went and told me what to do with it). After this I talked to the inventor until he told me to go into the desert for a giant root. After this I when into the desert and fought nothing but the plant enemies that drop the roots (I had one by the end of the second battle).

Hopefully this will help anyone else who might get stuck at this part.

I cant seem to get him to ask me for the root. And ive done EVERYTHING!

Is Lakie still in the Reza’s pub?

no, and ivve done everything i can think of. been to that town, knocked the bridge down. bbrought the raincloud or whatever to the guy.

i havent played this game in a few years, but i always seem to get stuck here. theres like, no help on the whole internet for me.

Unfortunately, I don’t know the exact dialog that triggers the event you’re looking for, but I highly suspect that you have to be directed to the inventor from a different town (probably Reza). And a common mistake made with Lunar games is that people forget that NPCs have a lot to say, and you pretty much need to speak with everybody several times to get everything out of them. I suspect that you may have talked to the right person but not enough times to trigger the necessary event to proceed with the game.

I suggest that you fire up ye olde file and see where you are at. If its been a few years then it’ll probably help your situation by seeing exactly where you are and what’s the hang up. That’ll make a diagnosis much easier to perform.

No, i started playing again recently. i meant, i havent played through it in a few years. so, i dont remember this part very well :slight_smile:
I’l try again tomorrow, but i swear ive talked to eeveryone forty trillion times already.