Uh... wow...

How come I never heard of this? I mean, it was three years ago, but still. This is big news, damnit!


That’s remarkable, and I didn’t know of this either. o_0;

I remember this. The most beautiful part was when they were all together in the same room, discussing the matter in the most possible open way.

Every group was given a space where they could pray according to their uses - that is, one of the rooms was furnished as a synagogue, one as a mosque, one as a catholic church and so on. And then, at one moment, everybody went to the room corresponding to their religions and all of the prayed for peace at the same time.

I didn’t know about it either, GAP. Like the article said, the Media were too busy spotlighting more sensationalistic news. ~_^

It’s an event that should’ve been happy and historically important but really isn’t in that no one knows anything about it. This should’ve been an event that we rallied around and that create some hope but that didn’t because some people decided that it wasn’t enough of a sensation to deserve to be printed. It was a sensation, it is a sensation, and it will remain a sensation. Damned editors!

Peace is not profitable.

Unless you can disguise Peace as small, easily catchable (read: purchasable) figures that keep eluding you, you’ll never make any money out of it… unless, of course, you win the war and declare the conditions of peace >_>;

I remember hearing something about this mentioned, but never actual information on the event. That’s really cool. Maybe, they’ll even eventually agree to stop fucking with people who don’t believe in their religion in non-violent ways.

Peace sells, but who’s buying?!

…What? someone had to say it!

Nah. We rather debate about dogs on fishing hooks.

This applies to this and the evolution debate. Frankly, I’m impressed.