Uh. Sin? Zepp? Anyone else who knows about this? HELP!?

Is it very bad if you sniffed purified ammoniac powder and your nose started bleeding and my head hurts like crazy and stuff? o_o; I feel like my throat and nose are melting away, it hurts like shit and won’t stop. Is there anything to neutralize it? And please, FAST!?
(In case it’s very bad, it was nice knowing you all. :o )
…Hey CH, is that a “Happy Funeral” cake you’re baking? :get it?:

Amoniac powder can cause irritation but nothing serious, so as long as you don’t sniff a whole bag you’ll be fine. The most you can get is an intoxication if the ammount is big. If that’s the case, call a doctor to check on you.

For all I know, you’ll be fine in a while.

Of course, you might want to ask an expert. I’m just a brat who reads a lot.

EDIT: Judging by how you describe it, it might be intoxication. Call a doctor if it doesn’t stop.

Thanks Seraphim, the bleeding is stopping now though. My head still hurts like crazy.

[+Shalcar] DT: According to my mother (Doctor) What you have is a high grade chemical burn

…somehow that worries me

No, that’s correct. It’s the contact between the amoniac and your skin that causes the irritation.

Right. So my sinuses and nasal cavity are immune to it. Thanks for the information. I still can’t feel my throat. I wonder why? =P

Originally posted by Dragon Tear
…Hey CH, is that a “Happy Funeral” cake you’re baking? :get it?:

I have no idea to what you’re referring.

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> Wrong white powder.

Well, I would have refrained from doing it in the first place.

Wrong white powder.

Wrong white powder indeed. o_o;

EDIT: kewl. Everything I smell now is licorice. Even the TV smells like licorice. I’m in Licorice land! :smiley:


Uh… why would you go do a thing like that?

Methinks it was an accident

It was. Well. I kinda stuffed my nose into things I shouldn’t have stuffed it into. Literally.
There was this jar with white powder and I thought it was sugar and wanted to EAT it (which woulda been a lot worse I guess) but then I realized that it looked kinda weird for sugar and smelled it. Or inhaled rather. You know the rest. At least now I’m traumatized for the rest of my life and will never touch white powder again… Hey, also a drag addiction prevention. ^^;;;

The boards smell like licorice.

…buh. is dumbfounded by this whole thing :fungah:

You sniffed ammonia power, so you post on an RPG board for help? What the hell? Call a freaken doctor!

Ouch. o_O You’re supposed to wave your hand over stuff you want to smell if you don’t know what it is; my biology teacher told me that. =P It looks really snobby, too!

I’m sorry to hear that DT :too bad; . Call a doctor right away if it doesn’t seem to get better. I hope you like licorice :hahaha; .

The moral of the story, kids? When it comes to sugar…

</Homestar> Owww! Those things are BAD for you! </Homestar>

What you have is a chemical burn, yeah. You should be fine. There are a variety of reasons as to why you felt the way you did, but I don’t have time to start explaining those, and I doubt anyone here cares.

Things’ll smell like licorice for a while 8P. You just fried your nose. Just be happy you have a slight mucus lining to protect the inside of your nose. Essentially what happened to you was why people told us “don’t inhale in the fume hood, concentrated sulfuric acid is refered to as ‘fuming’ for a reason” in my ochem lab. You’re lucky ammonia’s such a weak base (and ammonium such a weak acid, it was probably some kind of ammonium derived salt you inhaled). Stronger stuff could’ve made it to your lungs. Judging from your reaction, it didn’t.

So it seems that DT, was quite lucky that it didn’t do more than it actually did. Then we may really have needed a “Funeral Cake”.
But I hope this has taught you a valuable lesson. When you DON’T what something is get someone ELSE to test it first!