Uh...I was just on the radio o_O

That was weird. For like, 5 minutes I was on hold, which was basically listening to the radio through my phone. Then I got dismissed (basically) when I told my story about the topic at hand. Granted, it wasn’t very funny, but whatever.

I dunno, I just feel werid o_O

What was the topic? And what did you say?

Radio presenters aren’t paid to be polite though, they’re paid to be slightly amusing, very annoying, and be able to press certain buttons on command. Don’t sweat it.

I’ve been on TV!
And on the radio!
And get my articles and comics printed every day!
I’m more famous than you!

Could be because I’m a journalist. Who knows.

Lucky. >_>;;

I’ve been on the radio before… only making a request.

I was also in the paper… but all senior pictures are in the paper.

I work at a radio station. :smiley:

I’ve never been in the paper or news, but I have been on the Mooselodge’s bulletin when I was four, a people were putting money in the purple money piggy, that was twenty five years ago. :slight_smile:

Nothing important, and nothing witty worthy of repeating.

I was on the radio once. They were having this contest thing, where the 100th caller would win concert tickets. And I really wanted the concert tickets. It was really freaky, cuz when I got through, the station was actually playing a song, and I was talking to the DJ.

Me: “What caller am I?”

DJ: “37” (or something, I forget now, one time when I called for this same contest I was #90… grah!)

Me: “Aww, man!” (No cursing for me, this is public radio, and my parents were in the next room, and this was 8th grade for me)

DJ: “Just keep trying, you might get it!”

Me: “Yes… I WILL win!”

DJ: “You have confidence!”

Me: “Yes I do.”

DJ: “Confidence is very sexy.”

Me: blush “Thank you.”

…And then like, after the song was over, they played some conversations with callers… including me. O.O; This was when I discovered that my voice sounds like a 9-year-old boy’s, and that it’s ugly, etc.

As for TV, I think I was on the news a coupla times, just because the weather man came to our elementary school and talked to the kids about weather, then he got the video camera out and was like, “LOOK SECOND GRADERS LOL!” So my whole class was on the news for a split second. Woo.

Haha the radio is pretty cool, classic rfock at leas,t most radio sttationgs are pretyt syhitty. But htat’s okay if you’re on the ratio. I wanna be aongthe radio.

Sorry, but somehow, I have trouble accepting the fact he’s talking about you there, nessa.

Now THIS seems like you.

Shush. >>

I can have confidence… on a good day. >>

With the proper halucinogens yes.

I hate it when they let those loonies on the radio. This one time, a girl that wanted to fuck my boyfriend dedicated a song to him and asked him over the radio if they could please make up, and said that she still loved him, blah blah blah. Death to all radios who let stupid fuckers like that get on the air.

U sing gud