Uh... Hello...?

Uh… hi there…
I just joined a few minutes ago, and I’d thought I might as well say hi to you all…

r… I found these forums by doing an MSN search for Michiko Naruke, which lead me to someone’s post…
And I decided to join this place because of my love for RPGs…
So hi…

And if you’re wondering about my username, it’s SAMURI, not SAMURAI. Only one a, and I didn’t mispell “samurai”, but, in fact, I mispelled the latin name for squirrel monkey…


You misspelled Scearious.



Hi! You may want to watch out for a few people. Who are they? It will become obvious.

Oh, and if you don’t want to be killed… I’d watch out on the livejournal like posts. They don’t seem to like them.

Just being a smartass. I was going to say you misspelled Samurai, then I read your post.

Welcome aboard.

I just realized that you’re newer than me… When did this happen?

Hahah, alright…
Thanks for the advice. (Yeah, I looked at some threads before I made this one.)

Ah, hello, fellow smartass.
Oh, and, you mispelled “mispelled”

Haha… Ouch.

(Fucking 70 second rule…)

See, now there’s someone who spells right. JENNA. J-E-N-N-A.

What the hell are you talking about?

(Fucking 70 second rule… again!)

When? After you. What do you mean?

I like it when a pretty girl comes before me.

Not in my dictionary buddy.

Then PUT IT in your dictionary.
Or just use Websters.
Even if he contributed hardly anything to english.

Things that mustn’t be discussed…

Dude, you just confused the hell out of me. Misspelled…

And the arguing is already beginning.

She has a point…

>_> I started this quickly.

Avoiding people? Avoid me: I’m a blood-thirsty, heartless, merciless, evil, stupid rapist-murderer who hates humans. With that out of the way, welcome.

I’d be careful who you pick fights with… chances are your ass will be handed to you. It’s inevitable.

Is that all? I’ve heard worse.

He says that cause he’s a bitch.

As a general rule, I avoid welcome threads, but you seem to be slightly different and dont immediately make me wish you’d die in agonizing ways. Have fun or some shit.
That and you like Wild Arms.

Ha ha. I’ve dated worse.