Ugly Nightelves

I posted this on the WoW forums, what do you guys think they should do? (those of you who care enough, or play wow anyway)…

I’m here to discuss a very serious problem. Ugly Nightelves.

These poor fellows, in production, had a great graphical option for thier face choice as shown in the lower picture. AND as shown in one of the “official” blizzard wallpapers.

However, the reality was far less… Attractive? Cool? Well, you get the idea.

I’m not here to bash on those who chose this rather ugly face for the nighelf men, but rather to plead with Blizzard to save the poor Nightelf men from thier asthetic misery.

Who agrees that the “blind/illiden” face should infact be BLIND and not have those stupid glowing eyes overlapping the BLINDFOLD that they wear?

I would say save it for a hero Demon Hunter class.

I would say, Iz, shut the fuck up. You’re talking about a game that has attractive undead.

Get outta here you NOOB!!

No, YOU get outta here, you scrub.



I’m not going to talk to you if you don’t know what GGPO means.

Good Game Piss Off?

This will only irritate people who play NE, so no big loss.

So I’ve decided all horde are fucking retarded. Me and two other guildies were PVPing in Felwood against 3 others… They call another guildie to come help. We still own them 3v4… So they call another… Heh, we still win. Finally they get a sixth and we end up losing.

And to think they claim only alliance zergs…

Tried to do Battlegrounds in the test server today. Ended up waiting for 45 minutes in a qeue that said 37 minutes 17 seconds the whole time.

And I keep going to see the new shit on test servers. I should learn that nothing works on the test servers… >_<