Ugh, I need help a lot (Windows 98)

Ok, so I turn on my computer, and then problems happen. Namely, I get to the screen where it’s loading Windows 98 (the one with the blue moving bar across the bottom) and then nothing happens. The bar keeps moving for like 20 mins or so, which is when I got tired and decided to come to the computer lab and ask for help. Does anyone know what’s wrong?

It happened to me once. Your system is just not loading a program or a driver right. Most times a format+reinstall solves it.

What Ren said. Get a recovery system like Knoppix or something, back up everything you want to save and do a R&R.

I’m not sure if Windows 98 has it, but try and get into Safe Mode? If you can’t get into Safe Mode, I’m afraid you’re left with the options provided by Wertigon.

Of course, you can just use a MSDos Bootdisk instead of getting Knoppix.

Yea, windows 98 has a safe mode, but i dont think you can get into it without your computer prompting you for which mode you want to use.

98 has a safe mode but you can prompt it.

And how should I get into the system? I can’t get into Windows, not in Safe Mode, and I can’t even get a DOS prompt to work.

This is exactly why I love my GoBack :hahaha; .

Sorry, to hear you keep having problems Sohee. I’m afraid reformatting is pretty much the only solution. I hope you have everything you want backed up.

To answer your question:

Doesn’t your comp have a black screen before it goes into Windows where it says “Press x key for setup” or something like that. You might be able to get into Safe Mode from there.

While the computer is booting, after it detects the drives, but before the windows loading screen appears you can press F8 to display the system’s Windows startup options (you can press F8 multiple times if you’re not sure of the timing). This will let you boot into safe mode. If, however you still can’t boot even in safe mode then your only option would be to use a boot disk to start in dos, back up your files that way and then format and reinstall.

It does, but if I enter Safe Mode from that screen, I have the same problem I do loading it normally, in that it never actually loads. Same thing for the DOS prompt.

Edit: Sand posted while I was typing, but I guess I could try finding a boot disc and getting into DOS from there.