UFO sighted on mars.

The aliens are invading!

Or maybe it was just the viking 2 probe.

Oh, great. Now that a space probe’s seen it, EVERYONE on mars is gonna say they’ve seen a visitor from another planet. No, wait …

I think it was a shooting star. But Hey it could be Viking 2. As they Said it couldn’t be the Russians. I still wonder though…

Possibly Viking 2, could well be an asteroid, though- how many streak through Earth’s atmosphere, and how much closer is Mars to the asteroid belt than Earth?

Then again, it was on a polar orbit (which an asteroid would have a job re-creating) so it’s more likely to be the old probe IMO

The aliens are coming! :runaway:

Yeah and they didn’t want to deal with us. So they opted to invade Mars instead. A much easier place to invade. Also they would have less idiots to deal with.

People need to stop screaming ‘Aliens’.
Else, one day, they will kill themselves from all the dissapointment.

That is pretty cool.

As I recall, Nulani, they already killed themselves for disappointment.

I’m gonna sings you all a song.

Space invaders in the air.
You can take me something anywhere.
Somethign something somethign something.
Your mothers anmother fucker.
A flying saucer anywehre.