U.S. Government at It's best.....

Some Senators wanna put a stop to pirating music, movies, and all that other good stuff by putting policeware in new computers and thier parts. Full Story here.

How dare they try to stop us from stealing anything we want off the internet! :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually this is a little too big brother for my tastes, I’d like to see music piracy stop, but not like this.

The biggest reason such a law would flop is that they would discover that EVERYBODY does it. Try to throw everyone who does it in jail, then the economy crashes, since they can’t be contributing to society while they’re in jail.

In my personal opinion, you’d have a situation on your hands similar to what happened way back when they tried to ban alcohol. I.E. disobedience on a massive scale.

Or, users might just turn to people to remove these things, or turn to a system that doesn’t have these. Less in the offical market and more into the black market, that’s what it’ll accomplish.

What the HELL?! that is totaly unreasonable… sure, the musican want people to buy their Cd’s but, what if you can’t afford to buy them?! This is totally ridiculous!

<<-- would easily bypass it

Oh yeah, I’m sure you would, Mr.I’maüber1337guy


The problem is that most of the music that’s bein’ pushed is complete and total crap with sound edits that make it sound good when the actual singers can’t sing worth a pair of dingo’s kidneys! Take this! ::doh:: p:unch::

Meh, it is a petition online, those things don’t work, go out and get hard signatures. And bypassing the government stuff will most likely be easy and I move anything I can over to a new machine.

Yeah, sure. The only thing you need is to find and average hacker and he’ll bypass them. I can just ask my aunt.

Sounds a bit like Palladium to me, but not as good :stuck_out_tongue:

If it does by some slim chance go into effect, I’ll just have to get import parts cause it’ll effect parts sold in America only. It’s either that or hop the border to Canada.

So, like, how are they going to put some dozen million people in prison and how will they get the money from those fines from so many people?

Originally posted by Chris-chris
What the HELL?! that is totaly unreasonable… sure, the musican want people to buy their Cd’s but, what if you can’t afford to buy them?! This is totally ridiculous!

Most of the profits go to the distributors. The artists themselves only get a miserable share of them. Those companies are too greedy, and unless they stop treating people like criminals and trying to rob them at every turn, then they’re going down the drain.

i’ve noticed the distributors usually charge about $18 or so for a cd that cost the artist about 75 cents to make…

why wouldn’t we use mp3s and such?

Those major record companies keep whining that making copies of those things is “harming culture”, because the artists “don’t get paid for their work”, yada yada yada… Bull$hit! What they’re afraid is that people will tell them to go to hell and start using mp3 files even more, directly supporting the artists and depriving the greedy agents from the fat paychecks they get from leeching the artists and the general public. And the same goes for the retailers, who always make obscene increases in the prices.

No it costs the bigger-named artists a grand total of $0.00 to make a cd, they get paid when they make music, its the companies they signed on to produce albums for that have to foot the bill per cd made. The main reason that cd’s are expensive is that they pay for the artist’s cut, pad the wallets of the companies and the execs, and cover a number of other minor expenses. The fact that they are so expensive led to rise of peer to peer sharing, which in turn led to higher prices to try to recoup the losses.

Major labels who push crappy music down our throats deserve to lose money.

Said crappy music SHOULD BE* pirated.

Especially since they’ve been ripping us off for decades now with the artificially inflated price of CDs [$15 for something which has production costs around, I believe, $1 or $2 {figures refer to US dollars}]

I’m too lazy to sit around on my dialup connection and snag MP3s of shit. I buy my music. As such, I’m selective. I pay for good music, because some of that money will, however little, end up going to the artist (though with your local independant labels, artists tend to get a larger share). Even if the company takes the bulk of the profit, at least they’re being financially rewarded for having an act that makes GOOD music. So I can live with that, sorta. I don’t and won’t pay for crap music.

And they’ll never be able to arrest everyone who pirates music. And a lot of music pirates are qoing to quickly find ways around this anyway.

What really makes me sick in the middle of all this is that they use piracy as an excuse to increase the already obscenely high prices. Also, some companies are installing certain countermeasures that prevent their CDs from being read in a computer’s CD-ROM drive, as if EVERYONE who was going to listen to them there was going to copy them!!! If they keep treating everyone like criminals, then they’re going to lose their customers, because nobody likes to be ripped off and insulted at the same time.

Here in Brazil the metallic disc is sold to companies at about US$ 0,10 each. With inking, recording & etc. the cost gets up to US$1,00. A few cents more with the box.

When you go buy it at a store, however, the price easily climbs up to what would be some US$20,00. edit: they say it is so expensive because of taxes. But taxes represent less than US$3,00 in the price of a CD.

Same CD bought from a pirate costs around US$3,30. MP3’s are obviously free.

There was a very funny thing last year when companies started selling CD’s that would supposedly be protected against copying. They came with a seal that said “This CD is protected against copying. It is impossible to pirate it.”. The first ones were coming at a given date, and the pirate ones got to the market two weeks before that date. And they even came with the same seal! Moreover, the anti-copy CD’s didn’t run in about half the computers and sound systems they were put into.

Total cost for developing anti-piracy protection that failed: about US$ 1 million
Percentage of CD’s sold in Brazil by that time that were legit: around 89%.