Typical "My Computer restarts itself randomly-wtf do I do" Thread

Self Explanitory.

Here’s what I’ve done:

Ran scans and sweeps using the latest version of AVG and McAffe.
Looked on the internet for other possible solutions and have gotten
-bad power supply

Overheating hasn’t been the problem. I don’t know where the power supply would be.

Otherwise, is there anything I should look for/do/download?

Or should I send my harddrive to the great ReFormat in the sky?

If your computer is overheating, you should be able to feel intense heat somewhere on the box. Generally on top, right above the fan vent. If that’s the problem, you can fix it by opening up the computer and having a large fan blow directly into it.

Another approach would be to remove unneeded hardware, which is using too much electricity and causing the power supply to overheat. If you’ve installed an ethernet, sound or video card in the past, that could be the problem.

I’ve got the same problem. No overheating and pretty much the only thing using electricity in this room is the comp. Still haven’t figured it out, though it only seems to do the restart on it’s own thing at night. I know it’s not standby or power saver cause it’s only sometimes.

If I find a solution to my problem, I’ll let you know and it might help you with yours.

Kagato: The power supply is where the power cable plugs into. If you open the case you can see which unit that is pretty clearly.

For the other issue of overheating I would check your CPU heat sink and the fans in your computer. The heat sink is that metal comb-like thing. Depending on the model there should be one attached to the heat sink or one close to it to blow air across it. Some will even have a vent to channel air directly to the grate.

TrkJac: Whenever you shutdown normally to you see a shield icon next to the Shutdown button? This means Windows has some updates to install and almost all of the time this requires a restart to complete the install.

Actually, you know what, I’m thinking about just taking out a student loan and getting a new cpu. C’mon, I’ve had this since 2003, and by then it was already a few years old, it’s Win98, the ram is nil compared to everything else, the memory sucks, etc. etc.

But I’m getting a friend on checking out the power supply; he’s worked with computer tech shiz for eight years now.


What it sounds like you’re having trouble with memory leakage.

The only things that I know of that can help you are A) If you’re hellbent on keeping 98 or are unable to upgrade try clearing out some of your memory or get something that can hold excess non-essentials. B) If you can upgrade you should Windows 95 and 98 were notorious for rate of crashes. C) If you can’t do either of the above then you’re gonna have to live with it until you can, and the only way I know how is to continuously clear out your RAM usually by turning your computer off frequently and keeping your run time to a minimum.

I’ve had my current comp since 2000. It runs XP Home and I used it to do school assignments and play games on it with almost no problems. I only upgraded the RAM this year. I do regular maintenance on it like defrags and occasionally vacuum out the dust. Turning it off at night does help like Killmore said. I remember one time all I left running was Firefox with some tabs open. By morning it had slowed to a crawl.

It’s a Dell, and in the beginning it crashed a lot. Since I formatted it and did a complete reinstall I’ve had no problems. I suspect it may have been the Dell partition on the hard drive that came with it.

You know, that might could be it… I’m going to clean a few things out and leave it on a break more often.

Still gonna get that new compy, though… less hassle in the long run.