Typical "don't remember the name of [subject] help me out here" thread

Friend of mine and I were talking about the “good ol’ days” of Cartoon Network. You know the ones.

Cutting it short, I recalled this animated feature they aired about a decade back. It had…

-some sort of dog or something with glasses. And he had powers. I think toward the end he could fly. Oh, and it talked.

-the dog thing had some kind of goofy looking mute companion.

-there was some generic looking superhero of some sort. and typical damsel in distress gal.

-the animation looked done in pen with some REALLY whacked out effects abound. Kind of, like, nightmarish clockwork.

That’s all I remember. I can’t find anything.

Anyone remember? I promise I’m not eating delicious paint chips again.

Nevermind, found it, it was Twice Upon A Time, please delete, I can’t find the button to do so. : \

Because it doesn’t exist? :wink:

I remember that! Wow, that was a long time ago.

Good lord I just remembered that…and it starred a dog with wings.

Also I think George Lucas had some hand in the production of this (granted this was before he decided that Star Wars was too popular and made those Special Editions).